My name is Agnibanya Das Poddar, an Engineer and Management Graduate by education and  a makeup enthusiast by passion. Currently a full time mother and Blogger .

      My tryst with makeup had started ever since I remember, and I've always loved makeup in it's various forms and myriad representations..It began with ogling at the fancy cosmetics advertisements in early 90s and then trying to imitate the makeup from pictures, experiments and more experiments till I got it right, and then it became a passion.

     After trying a lot of skincare and makeup products, and sharing my thoughts with people around me, I decided to reach out to a larger audience and write about all the tiny little things I've learnt on my makeup journey, hoping, that by sharing I'll get to learn a little more....And then if I can help someone feel more beautiful just by making a few changes in her vanity, I'd be a very happy person ...

Beauty to me is a state of mind, be it with or without makeup..

           For reference I have medium to wheatish skintone, and normal to combination skin. The product reviews that I'd post in here will be keeping that in mind.

          You can contact me at lovethyred@gmail.com for queries/requests/feedback.


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