August 12, 2011

Lotus Herbals Basiltone toner review

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For a long long time after my baby was born, I have so busy that I havent had anytime to have a skincare routine of any kind..for almost a year , my post partum body was still recovering and then I found out that I had to go through another skin was showing the effects of the stress the body was going through , and then I thought I’ve had enough..if I don’t take care of it now, it would deteriorate all the more and so I decided to religiously follow a skin care routine..
            Of  all the stuff that are a part of my routine now, there are two things that I absolutely can’t do without , out of which one I’ll be talking about today and the second in my next blog..I’m a mom so I don’t have that much time you see J

Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner for Combination to oily skin
What does Lotus Herbals say:
Cucumber and basil
Clarifying and balancing toner
Basiltone is a dynamic blend of basil leaf extract and cucumber extract which restores natural pH balance of combination or oily skin. Helps tighten pores, and removes any residue of makeup, pollution or excess oils. As a result, skin is clear, clean and fresh.
Active ingredients: Cucumber extract and Basil leaf extract
Price: INR 185 for 100 ml
What I think of it:
O dear, I haven’t had a better toner than this one ever. I’ve tried Nivea and Himalaya Herbals but somehow they left an oily residue on my skin. After washing my face, or even after a bath I always use this toner till I get some time to apply moisturizer (it’s so difficult being a mumma! )..It instantly makes me feel so fresh, and I’ve noticed that if I apply this toner before a moisturizer, the oil secretions on my face are controlled to an extent that I don’t instantly start sweating..Sometimes even after applying my make-up I use this to set my foundation in place for that dewy finish. I use it not less than three times a day, sometimes more and I feel so fresh and moisturized for a while afterwards.
I love the fact that it comes in a spray container. That way u can control the amount of product that is being dispensed, 2/3 sprays are sufficient to cover the face and neck, and since it’s a spray, the distribution of the product on the face is uniform. You can use your clean hands to pat is onto your skin or use a cotton wool swab to spread it all the more. Either ways it’s very easy to apply.
There isn’t a thing I do not like about the product, right from the transparent plastic bottle(my baby can’t break it! J) to the light green colored liquid inside to the spray dispenser, the effect it has on my skin, the mild fresh fragrance and of course the pricing . It’s an amazing product for those with combination to oily skin and a must have for post wash toning. I love it!! And a little goes a long way, this bottle I’ve been using for almost 2 weeks and have spent so little, at this rate I think this will last me atleast 2 months , me happy happy!!
My  Rating:  5/5  ;)
Would I buy again: Of course, I love this!!

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