November 22, 2011

Colorbar Autumn Rose on my nails today..

Hello evryone,

         Today I'm wearing Colorbar's Autum Rose Nail Lacquer. It is one of the prettiest Coral Pink shades I've ever seen. An awesome color for summer, but sadly I discovered it now, when winters are here..nevertheless, I decided to wear it because it will be a while that I'll get to wear it again. And I'm totally in love with the shade now and Colorbar Nail paints in general. 



                  Awesome staying power, a min of 6-7 days with a top coat . Good pricing is another attractive factor, this one being INR 100 for 9 ml .

                 This shade is very unique and I found it really hard to capture the color with my camera hence the two pictures , and you see the shade looks so different in each. Check it out girls, this may just be the Pink coral you're looking for..

Highly recommended!

Take care till next time!!

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  1. Hi Agni...Lovely shade...Will definitely check it ut next time at colorbar!!!


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