February 23, 2012

My haul @ TBS and a brief review

Hey girls,

                    How are you all doing...summers are almost here and its getting hotter by the day .... and for me, summers also mean minimal or no makeup days..pretty sad, isn't it...with that blazing sun around, who on earth would like to wear an eyeshadow or mascara, my everyday eye makeup would only mean dark brown or grey eyeliners because I feel black looks a bit too dramatic ...anyway, just my opinion...

                     Summers also mean lots of light floral and fruity fragrances which make you feel light and fresh, just like my Midnight Bakula Body Mist and the White Musk Blush EDT from The Body Shop.And yea, I also bought a Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion which has now also become my HG moisturizer :)

 Since I'm really bad at describing fragrances, so I thought I'd google so I can find a better explanation for you all.
                         Here's what I found about the White Musk Blush fragrance:  (from here )

                A refreshing floral fruity fragrance that plays with the senses. Sparkling fruity notes and fresh florals combine with velvety musk to create a sensational light-hearted summer fragrance.

                Fragrance notes include bergamot, apple, cinnamon bark, mandarin, drenched fruit, wild rose, freesia peach, white violet, lily, musk, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Price : INR 830 for 30 ml, I got it at 50 % off so INR 415 :)

                                    And about the Midnight Bakula fragrance (from here)

....."notes of juicy nectarine, delicate rose and patchouli "

Price : INR 725 for 100ml, I got it at 50 % off so INR 362 :)

                Both the fragrances are really really amazing, like I said before very summery too...They stay for a good 4-5 hrs and maybe a little more. I am absolutely in love with these two, and I think I might want to buy the Midnight Bakula EDT as well.

                I was also looking for a moisturizer to soothe my sensitive skin with a sudden outburst of acne and to help heal the blemishes they were leaving behind and the SA suggested the Tea Tree Skin Clearing lotion

                 I'm really very happy that I bought this because this is the first moisturizer which is exactly how I wanted my moisturizer to be, it hydrates well, and controls shine and dries to a matte finish . I'm yet to test its claims in removing blemishes, but for now, my acne is under control and I don't have to worry about carrying blotting papers to control the shine on the T-zone on my face. I have been using this lotion ever since I got this , sometimes as a base to my makeup or just by itself and I'm very satisfied with its performance.

Price: INR 675 / 50 ml which is okay because a little goes a long way and it really works well on me. I've been using it for about a month now, and I still have enough left for at least another 2-3 weeks..And I'm going to buy this one product forever and ever...

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop Tea Tree Range , and what products have worked for you?? Do comment below and let us know....

P.S.: I noticed that this particular lotion is listed under the bestseller products category...didn't  I already guess that.. ;)


  1. Thats a useful blog for most of us..and well written as usual...

    1. Thank you Sangita :) It's very encouraging to get feedback from friends ...<3 <3

  2. I got the tea tree mask :) grt haul. the bakula bottle looks so cute na :)

    1. How is the Tea Tree mask Bee, and what's your skin type....I'm dying to try more products from this range...and ya, love the motifs and the vibrant colors on the Midnight Bakula bottle...I feel it looks very Indian, what do you think??


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