April 19, 2012


Hello bombshells,

          Hope you all are having a great week so far and already planning up for the weekend. A weekend full of fun and relaxation and some dinners, dates and parties. Well , however you decide to spend your weekend, if you're going to wear makeup, then there is one thing that you all would need, and that is a makeup base, and that's exactly what I'm going to talk to you about today;  my current hot favorite makeup item and how it has made my life so easy!!!

            Till about a year back, I did not know that such a think called primer existed and all I did was to buy sponges and brushes to blend my foundation but could never get that sophisticated, polished look. I tried wet sponges, wet brushes etc etc , yet I got that patchy result and was beginning to think that maybe I should not use a foundation so I started wearing only a pressed or loose powder over my moisturizer  :(and tried doing the same for my eye makeup...I know that was so...errr.....UN-informed...

           And then I read about PRIMERS and my makeup enthusiasm took an entirely new leap, I hoarded on eye primers but still I was not sure about buying a face primer, and then one day an SA at MAC tried it on me when I was asking for some foundation, she told me about what all a face primer can do ,and boy, I fell in love!!!! 

          And ever since that day, it has become an indispensable part of my life. I just can't live without this wonder product from MAC and let me tell you why...

MAC Cosmetics says: 
"An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder."

Price: INR 1700 for 30 ml

Available across all MAC stores

Shelf Life: 6 months 

 Ingredients: Mentioned of the carton 

 My take on the product:

          MAC PREP+PRIME comes in a black plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The packaging is really simple and no nonsense kinds. I believe it is travel friendly too because it is a plastic. And you don't risk breaking it even if you drop it. Its only that I wish it was transparent so that I could see how much of the product is left inside ...But anyway, I like.....

The consistency of the product is like a very light fluffy creamy kind. It has some shimmer like particles which are not visible on the face when applied. It gets absorbed very easily  and is really lightweight. You won't even feel that you've applied something. 

That's a close-up sot of one pump of product!
On my hand, notice my skin in this picture and the next one!!

This is after blending, the skin looks so supple here!
What it does for me??  

          Now that's something I really want to tell you girls about . The silicon based primer, upon seconds of application, makes my skin look more firm and young. And actually evens out some (not all) of  the uneven tones and keeps my face matte for long. After I've started using this product, I generally apply my foundation in a dotted pattern on my face and blend with my fingers,(no more brushes ,wet sponges etc) and believe me when I say it does not take more than 1 min for me to completely blend the foundation. The foundation just glides on so easily because PREP+PRIME has already smooth-en-ed the texture of the skin by making it so even ,  my foundation application has now become a cakewalk, and I can spend more time on doing the rest of my face , especially eyes ...lol...earlier I was spending so much time in just blending the foundation but with PREP+PRIME it is just so easy. A little more than half a pump is enough to cover the entire face . But, its not for use on the lip area, don't know why...

          PREP+PRIME makes my makeup stay longer (read a min of 8-10 hrs), and fresher , with minimal touch ups, and that too only because I have  a super oily T-Zone. It is indeed worth the price!! 
I recommend  !!

Some things that I don't like about this primer:
  • Shelf life of 6 months ...wth, I can't finish it off in 6 months because I don't wear makeup everyday, for those who do, they can finish it off in 2 or 3 months
  • INR 1700 for 30 ml....whoa, the price girls have to pay for that perfect makeup...
  • Opaque bottle, how will I ever know how much is left
  • Available only at MAC stores, I wish MAC introduces online buying here in India.
  • I wish it had done a little more for the open pores I have on my face..
          Other than these factors,I don't think there are any other issues I may have with this product. It just delivers what all it promises to. I'll be going back to this again and again!!

Have you tried the PREP+PRIME yet? Do share your views below..

Love and Hugs!!


  1. The shelf is is too short otherwise a good product! Hey Agni, I have tagged you in two posts of mine.......pls chk my recent post for "versatile blog awards".

    1. Hey Tanmayee, it's an awesome product,really, I hope I'm able to finish it off in 6 months..
      will check your blog right away :)

  2. oh wow- I waited for this review kabse :)Thanks dear :) do you have oily skin AB? I'm so getting this now :)

    1. Glad I was able to help Bee, you get this, won't regret a bit...I have combination skin and I really love this...just that I would have wanted to add something to my T-zone for a little more mattifying and pore filling effect..

  3. this product sounds amazing but I am so happy wid my Bodyography primer .. I think this product wud b a real blessing for oily skin beauties ;)
    great revu agni :)))

    1. Thanks Nidhi...we don't have too many options here in India as far as primers are concerned and drugstore brands don't even bother to make it...

  4. gr8 review....i m dry skinned..

    1. Aww...dry Skinned...no worries, you anyway use your regular moisturizer underneath and this works just as fine, it anyway does not dry out your skin, only keeps the makeup looking matte for longer :))

  5. wow such a nice review Agni..but 6 months is so short na..my inglot primer has a shelf life of 3 years..hehe


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