September 12, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Cherries In The Snow

Hey girls, 

Has it ever happened to you that you read about a lipstick shade somewhere and loved it so much that you went about asking for it across all places that you think might stock them and then you get sad because you just can't seem to find it grow restless, lose sleep, keep dreaming about that lipstick ....

Until, one fine day, you just find it and you're back to being  your happy self......

Well, it happened to me with this particular lipstick, when I saw some swatches when I was google-ing for some other shade from the same range... 

Revlon Super Lustrous® 
- Enriched with the LiquiSilk technology – a revolutionary way to evenly unify pure color with silk-enriched   mega-moisturisers and vitamins
- Lips look gorgeous, silky and smooth
- Rich, full coverage & stay-true color wears evenly for lasting richness and vibrance

®: REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS is a Registered Trade Mark of Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, USA
Price: INR 550

Available across most Revlon counters (Though in my city I think half of them were out of stock on this particular shade)

My experience with the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Cherries in the snow

Well, to begin with I am in love with the Super Lustrous Lipsticks from Revlon. They are creamy, easy to apply and stay for long,especially the darker shades. If you're on a budget and are looking for good drugstore lipsticks that are quite comparable to the high end brands, this is the range to look out for.

I have been on a hunt for this particular shade for quite some time,along with a few others that I was unable to find but I was lucky to find atleast this one after a lot of searching. I'm still looking for a perfect occasion to wear this but on most occasions that I have worn this, this lipstick has delivered what I expected it to.And I google-ed for this lipstick and found out that it has been there since the 50's so it has withstood the test of time. The lipstick indeed has a very vintage-y feeling to it.

It comes in a regular Black case with a middle golden band and a see through top, nothing too fancy, yet nothing wrong with it!

I have already reviewed a shade called Berry Express from this range HERE

This shade called CHERRIES IN THE SNOW is a deep dark pink, almost leaning towards red in swatches, but when applied on lips it is indeed a dark magenta pink. 

I love the way it applies evenly on lips in one swipe and is opaque enough to cover any kind of pigmentation.

With subsequent swipes, you can really build on the color to get a darker tone. The finish is a glossy rich texture which does feel light on the lips. My personal experience with this is that you need to exfoliate and nourish the lips beforehand because this lipstick tends to magnify the dry flakes ,if any, on the lips. The lipstick fades evenly and leaves a dark berry tint behind when it fades. The wearing time is longer than 6 hrs, but that's the max I have worn it and then removed. It would have stayed for longer if I didn't take it off :)

After a few hours of wear, this tends to dry out the lips, but nothing that can not be dealt with a use of lip butter before application.

Since the lipstick is so bright, try wearing  minimal/neutral or no color on eyes to avoid taking away attention from the lip color. I generally pair it up with either brown shadow on lids with just mascara or only dark kohl with mascara..That's it! a light pink blush and some highlighter on cheeks should do the trick!

Overall I loved using this lipstick and would do more so during winters, but for now, I prefer it for evening wear only . 

Do you like the Super Lustrous Lipsticks from Revlon, what are your favourite shades??


  1. wow thats a lovely shade Agni..i wanna try atleast one from this range..

    1. You must Preetha..they are awesome..The other day I saw Jyo's Blog post about the shade Fire and Ice..Even that's a cult shade.....Infact, I can give you a list of shades to look out for...Some of them are good dupes for MAC lippies too :)

  2. beautiul shade Agni .... n as usual pretty swatches ;)

    1. Yup Nids..its a BEAUTIFUL shade guessing it would look great on you too :)

  3. Very pretty shade and looks droolworthy ! I love ur lip swatches :)


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