March 12, 2013

Kryolan Haul

Hey everyone,

Although I was born and brought up in Delhi, I had never ever actually had a chance to go to a very famous marketplace called Lajpat Nagar, so when a few of my friends decided to go there for some street shopping last Saturday, I couldn't refuse. Also as a makeup-a-holic, I had been secretly wanting to go there ever since I heard that they have a Kryolan City opened up there. So just as luck would have it, while walking to the main market from the metro station, I spotted (talk about luck!!) the Kryolan Store and I jumped with joy...

Sharing some pictures of my tiny haul here. I wanted to buy more but I wasn't really prepared so I did miss a lot of things. Plus ,we were sort of, in a rush because we had limited time and a lot to do. I do intend to go there again with a prepared mind (and a list!!) , especially the Derma Color Setting Powder and/or  HD Micro Finish powder and lots of other stuff..Lets see when that happens..

For now, enjoy the pics!!
I got only 4 things:
  1. Professional Lipstick: LC103
  2. Lip Gloss: True Red
  3. Blusher: Youth Red
  4. Lip Brush

Have  a lovely day all!!

P.S: What's with me buying so many RED stuff...err....I guess it's the Marilyn Monroe effect!!!


  1. lovely haul agni < u been to lajpat ngr..its my fav mkt n i alwyz enjoying shopping over their...:)

    1. I know Tej, sad that I couldn't meet you this time, but next time when you're here, I can definitely come over there..Its like , the first time you're a bit skeptical about a place you've never been to before, but subsequent visits are more enjoyable :)

    2. aww..thanks agni..we will deefinitely meet..sorry couldnt call you this time but will give u a call whenever i come to india...thanks again :)

  2. Loved the red lipstick....and the blush... lucky you Delhi residents..

  3. oh.. tats blush is totally lickable...

    looking fwd to ur reviews.. good picks.. :)

    1. Thanks Revathy, I'm really liking the gloss so far, will review the other products soon :)

  4. I am J.. v dont get kryolan here :P :D
    waiting fr ur fab revwsssss... ;)

    1. hehe..Don't be J sweetie....Come to Delhi and we'll go shopping together :D
      Will review soon :)


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