April 25, 2013

The Four Fountains Spa ,Gurgaon- Review

Hey everybody,

Can you tell what's that one thing that all of us like to engage into once in a while with the kind of lifestyles we have these days (oh well, maybe more than once in a while for me!!)???? A de-stressing session that no one can say NO to????   It is a good therapeutic massage....I have always loved indulging in them (not that I get a lot of chance to, yet!!) ,and perhaps this is the first time I'm writing about one...So read on to know more about my experience at The Four Fountains Spa, Supermart 1 , Gurgaon.


The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable day spas. Their mission is to keep you stress-free and healthy through affordable spa therapies. They aim is to bring the scientifically proven health benefits of spa therapies within reach of more and more Indians.

They have 17 conveniently located spas across 8 cities of India ( and growing!),  where you can find spa therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. These therapies include over 20 body massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials.
The therapies at The Four Fountains Spa were surprisingly very affordable ,starting from INR 599 . Plus, they have a lot of membership Plans for individuals or Families where you can also avail great discounts. 
They also have an in-house Physiotherapist , who can analyse your stress levels and suggest a therapy according to your needs. You can either call up your nearest location or book an online appointment over their website HERE.
My Experience at the Spa :
I was running a little late for my appointment today and was a little anxious about it, but as soon as I entered the Spa, my senses were immediately calmed down by the beautiful lingering aroma of the lemongrass essential oil burning in one corner. That apart, the reception area was dimly lit and I liked the effect it was having on my senses.
I was greeted with a glass of water and then was told about the various therapies on the spa menu to choose from and when I told them I was a housewife, she immediately suggested that I go for a Swedish Massage . It was supposed to be a Deep-tissue Massage and would help easing away my lower back and shoulder pain.
I was introduced to my masseuse who showed me into my room which was a tiny little cozy one at the beginning of the corridor (that had a lot of other rooms!). I was asked to take off my jewelry and change into a set of disposable undergarments. And ring the bell when I was ready for her to come in. I really liked the idea of disposable UGs because first , its hygienic and second , it is HYGIENIC. The only problem was the strip of garment that was supposed to hold the bust, lol.... But somehow I managed. I quickly changed , turned down the lights myself and rang the bell. 

 Once , she came in, she covered me with a sheet of disposable fabric (yea! another Thumbs UP!) and made me feel less ashamed of my nudity. I asked her about the oil she was going to use and I was told it was Sesame Oil, and we all know Sesame oils are great for body massages.Then she started her therapy, by first wiping off my feet with a hot towel, I can't put in words how gentle she was in doing so (sorry sweetheart! I forgot your name, I need to bang my head on the wall for this! ). She then started her massage beginning from my back, then legs and then arms, and finally shoulders and mild head massage. Her rhythmic movements, coupled with the soft instrumental music in the backdrop took over my mind and soul and once she ended I felt like I was woken up from  a state of trance. She wiped the underside of my feet once again with a warm washcloth (which was really thoughtful! ) and showed me the washroom. 
The washroom had a body wash and a hair wash dispenser and was very clean and sparkly. I took a really long run under the hot water shower and just stood there for long without even realizing myself. The massage had completely relaxed my body and soul and I was feeling so rested after the shower. There was also a bottle of Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion in the massage room but since my skin was already feeling soft and nourished, I chose to skip it . Just got dresses and headed out of the room. I had a small concern here, the towel that was kept in the washroom had shed fibers and they were all over me . I expressed my concern to the Manager there, and she told me, that was because they had just received fresh linen in stocks and new towels do shed a bit of fibers, and I was pretty convinced. Also , there was a faint smell of fresh paint in the particular massage room that I was in, and it seems that the spa was recently painted, so ....okay..another Ouch! there, but I'm sure that faint smell would be gone in a few days too ...
This pic was taken after the massage, (the above two were taken before!), can you notice how different my skin is looking here, and this when I did not even get a face massage, so I guess, the improved blood circulation gives that glowy look to the face :)
When I came out, I was offered a cup of Green Tea and told about the next appointment date when I should come in for another session and was also explained about the various membership plans. I was also provided with a small jar of heel balm which is supposed to help you to sleep well..
I came back home happy and relaxed and I'm already planning my next visit. It is absolutely a delight for people with hectic schedules and a great way to de-stress at very affordable prices.
So, the next time you plan to go for a massage or a Beauty therapy like Facials, try The Four Fountains Spa.I would highly recommend their services for giving luxurious therapies at a less than a bank-breaking prices.
For information about their services, prices,locations or to boo an appointment , visit their website :

In case you're residing in Gurgaon, here's the address:
The Four Fountains Spa
1st Floor, Unit No C-12C
Super Mart 1, DLF City Phase-IV,
Gurgaon (HARYANA)
T: (0124) 4270088 / 4077058
Open 7 days a week, 8 am to 9 pm
Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary services for review purposes. However , the opinions expressed here are solely my own.


  1. Its a fantastic blog Agni.. 4 fountain is at 3 mins from my house.. never visited...
    After i read this blog of yours would definitely give it a try !

    1. Go ahead Kiran, I'm very sure you'll love it :)

  2. yet another gr8 review on TFFS... wish they opened one soon in Hyd too :)

    i m longing for a spa since long.. but not ready to spend big bucks again :D

    1. I hope one in Hyd opens soon..They provide great services and are very affordable too :)

  3. Great I loved the review and I feel relaxed after reading as if I enjoyed this experience myself! very positive post would love to visit this spa sometime

    1. You must Birinder, to tell you the truth, I've been feeling less sleepy and more awake since the massage..I think I would now want to take up such therapies more frequently :)

  4. Hey, Amazing love it alot! Best way to realx your mind and soul checkout Spas in Gurgaon

  5. Hey Agni, You done a great job in article I would like to share here if you are in Australia and want to avail India Head massage then you can visit Natural Approach in Melbourne for Indian head massage.


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