June 25, 2013

Makeup Bloopers: What not to do !!

Hey everyone,

Very often I've heard people say that makeup makes you look artificial and made up, and I say, doesn't the same logic apply to being well dressed also?

 No, I don't believe in coming across as a person who's artificial, but I sure want people to know that I respect them enough to take time to dress up for them. I will comb my hair and apply a bit of mascara and some lipstick because I understand that it also means I love and respect myself too. That I will spare them the horrifying view of my unkempt hair and sleepy eyes and chapped lips.

At the same time, I will not just overdo it! 

Dear all, so here a common makeup mistakes that I'm listing down for the benefit of general public, please pardon me if I miss out on something important and you're always welcome to point it out to me in the comments box below.

  • Using the RIGHT FOUNDATION :

I've talked about finding your skin undertones to select the right foundation here. The foundation should be an exact match to your natural skin, not a shade lighter and not a shade dark unless you're aiming for a particular look or getting ready for some theme party. With the Indian advertising industry always glorifying the fair, it is a very common mistake that women choose a foundation shade that's lighter to their skin tone. This results in creating a whitish ghostly cast on the face. A strict no-no!

Also , while choosing a foundation, it's important to keep your skin type and weather condition sin mind. For example, if I'm combination-oily skin type and I love a particular powder based foundation like MAC's Studio Fix, it's not necessary that will work for a person falling into the dry skin category.

Another example is if I like the same Studio Fix for hot and humid weather conditions, when it's colder and more dry, I switch to a more hydrating foundation like a creme or mousse based ,e.g. Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup.

Remember, one product doesn't work for all, or better still, one product doesn't work for all times of the year even if it's the same person because our skin behaves differently and we have to be wise enough to change out products as and when required.

  • The right concealer and color corrector

Acne spots, under-eye discolorations, redness around the nose and dull skin days are problems that all of us face at some point of time or the other. Believe me, even celebrities with the most gorgeous and flawless skins have bad skin days. So what do you do?
    •     Paint the under eye area white?                                                           
    •     Use the same concealer on red areas and dark circles and dull skin?    
    •     Illuminate the problem areas with an illuminator?                                  
    •     Scrape your skin and wait for new one to grow?                                 
Obviously none of the above.
What you can do is apply a color corrector according to your problem area (Orange color correctors are for darkness, Green are for redness and purple are for dullness) , and top it with a concealer matching your skin tone and set with powder if needed. 

DO NOT use the same concealer everywhere because instead of hiding the imperfections, it will further highlight them and the purpose of wearing the concealer in the first place will be nullified!

  • Some Blush

A blush adds a bit of color to your cheeks so they look naturally flushed. Overdoing the blush can make you look like  a clown and that's perhaps the biggest fear of people who choose to skip it. What you need to do is , as a beginner always start with sheer blushes. They are comparatively less pigmented so the risk of putting on too much on the first attempt reduces. Also, always tap off the extra on the brush after swirling it on the blush. We're only getting to learn how to minimize your chances of getting TOO MUCH color on your cheeks.

You may want to choose a powder or cream or mousse blush depending upon your preference but always take care to not buy products with too much shimmer. I would rather say stick to mattes and if there's  a need, you can always add a bit of highlighter on top.

  • Overdoing the bronzer 

Just avoid! Unless you're an expert.
Nobody likes to see a reflection of burnt pieces of wood on a human face.

  • Eye makeup

Now ,this is one area where I can just go on and on but I'll restrict myself and talk about only what is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE like 
    • Overfilled brows: Please don't start filling your browns with a black pencil, like ever...Instead use shades of brown or grey depending upon your hair color. A thumb rule is to keep the eyebrows one shade lighter than your natural hair color. That way, it will not look MADE-UP and your chances of adding that tacky-ness factor to the whole makeup also goes down.
    • Going Wrong with the smokey eye.: Just one pointer, don't take the smoke till your brown bone, keep it only till the crease or just on the upper side of crease line depending upon your eye shape.
    • Eye-shadow fallout: Please clean before you step out! 
    • Spidery Lashes: Change mascara often so that it doesn't clump and give you spider like lashes, it's GROSS!

  • Lipsticks and Glosses

Some more pointers here
    • Match your lipstick and lip liner. Please!! Nobody wants to see a face that has lips drawn over it with a dark brown or berry pencil. 
    • You want a pout, go for plumping lip glosses or apply just any other technique , but please don't straighten your cupid's bow to create an illusion of a POUT!! IT IS NOT S-E-X-Y!! AT ALL!!
    • Glosses in humid seasons?? NO.
    • Lipstick on your teeth?? NO
Hope you'd find the post useful.
Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Hail to the AB!!!!!
    i;m sharing this post!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Bee..mwah!!

  2. you've nailed it sister.... bang on!!

    1. What to do when when I see that after doing the whole makeup it has suddenly turned gloomy and there's no natural light for me to take good pictures..I sit on the computer with Ruby Woo on my lips and a retro winged liner and write this post :D

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    3. See what a good makeup does to you??? Takes up creativity level a few notches higher... From next time on, dress yourself up and sit down to write... ;)

    4. will try to do that little sis! :)

  3. http://static.tumblr.com/d81b54caed57e8afcf58c7106c2ccaa1/iaodspf/t66mjugvi/tumblr_static_drogo-e1344188322390.jpg
    This is what a smokey eye taken all the way to the brow bone looks like!! hahahaha

  4. Amazing write-up dear! Loved every bit of it & all the great tips... :)

  5. Loved this post ... even if I don't know much of what to do with makeup I now atleast know what not to do ... :-)

  6. Loved this post ... even if I don't know much of what to do with makeup I now atleast know what not to do ... :-)

  7. Check check check.. Everything in this post makes so much SENSE!!!

    1. Perhaps repeated appearances of these bloopers around me drove me enough to just write about them :)

  8. great post Agni :) am reading it again and again :D :D
    makes so much sense dear

  9. I feel inspired after reading this post to point them out to any lady who commits these bloopers :)


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