August 7, 2013

Haul- M.A.C. , Maybelline and more......


Okay, well , here I am.....absolutely dying to show you all what I got this month...

Maybelline Vivids..The Star..

To begin with, I have a dear friend who agreed to bring me some makeup from UK (hugs to her XX)but it just so happened that we were unable to meet for a month or two and she had safely kept these ravishing Maybelline beauties in her refrigerator until............ today.....

So ladies and ladies, I hereby present to you, the gorgeous Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipsticks in Shocking Coral and Hot Plum and the glamorous rocket Volume mascara.

Some M.A.C. 

In other news, because I had restricted myself from buying any makeup in the past few weeks, I decided to give it a go at M.A.C.
Blush: Ripe for Love (L.E. Temperature Rising Collection)
Eyeshadow : Club , have lusted long enough for this, see I already used it up too ;)

Some Rimmel:

60 second Nail Polish in Coralicious
Exaggerate Waterproof eyeliner Deep Plum


A few Avon Goodies area  must every month for me :)
Totally Kissable Lipstick : Coy Copper
Simply Delicate Feminine Wash..

Hope you liked my haul..
Stay tuned for more ..


  1. That Mac eyeshadow looks lovely and so the Vivid Lippies..
    Post an EOTD soon with that eye shadow.. me waana see.. :) :P

    1. It's right up Poonam..I did some makeup on my friend, check out my Look 5 in the 30 day eye makeup challenge series..I'll be doing one on myself in a day or two :)

  2. OMG U got that blush. :D I am dying to get my hands on it. I just hope its not sold out here. O:)Swatch the Vivids soon plz. :D

    1. Jyo, I got the last piece ..can you imagine my happiness...It's so beautiful..ah!! total love...
      will do some looks with the Vivids soon :)

  3. you finally got ripe for love blush :) how are you liking it?

    1. Oh , its amazing Parita...intensely pigmented and long staying with a color worth dying for ...Loving it!!

  4. lovely haul and i too brought mac blush that same one ripe for love :P and love ur vivids :)

    1. Thanks Samannita..That blush is so lovely..I'm loving it!! and the Vivids too ;)


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