August 27, 2013

Salon Visit and Hair Ritual Experience- TONI&GUY , Punjabi Bagh

Hi Everyone,

On the 22nd of August, I was invited to the Kérastase Experience Day at the Toni&Guy salon in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. 

Since, my hair was going through a rough patch and I had absolutely no idea how to make them go back to their normal self, I decided to go for the event and get some suggestions and tips from Kérastase experts at the salon on how to manage my hair.
About Kérastase:

Born in the luxury environment of Paris in 1964, Kérastase has been the worldwide leader in professional luxury hair care. Kérastase technology leverages on the unique know-how of hair care and respects the uniqueness of every woman and man.

TONI&GUY, Punjabi Bagh is one of the exclusive partner salons of Kérastase. TONI&GUY is an internationally renowned British brand with a strong heritage in both high fashion and hair styling. 

For 50 years, TONI&GUY has always been a trend setter, a pioneering, inspirational name in the international salon industry. It has partnered with the world’s top designers and has taken inspiration from international fashion collections to come up with innovative looks which are benchmarks in the industry. 

TONI&GUY, Punjabi Bagh is one such salon which is dedicated to delivering creativity, quality and consistency to every client. The staff is trained by the internationally acclaimed Toni&Guy Academy and is qualified to deliver the best in innovative haircuts, color and styling.

 TONI&GUY, Punjabi Bagh has a separate section within the salon that they call as the Kérastase Scalp and Hair Institute. Once you enter that section, y­­ou are personally attended to by a highly trained Kérastase Expert who will diagnose your scalp and hair concerns with a special camera. The dual lens of the camera magnifies your scalp 200 times and your hair 1000 times to minutely examine your scalp and hair condition. Based on the concerns identified, the Kérastase Expert will then recommend the most appropriate salon Ritual (hair care treatment)
That white gadget like thing,on top of the box, is the scalp camera!!
 There are various types of rituals that you can choose from depending upon your hair concerns like: 
  •  Experience Rituals: A complete hair & Scalp Indulgence. A total luxury experience in 5 stages, developed by the expertise of L’Oréal Advanced Research, combining precise dosages of advanced hair care formulations with absolute well-being, thanks to a unique, therapeutic massage with oriental digital pressure and western kneading.
  • Elixir Ultime Liquid Gold Oil Ritual: alchemy of four precious Oils for intensive shine, nourishment & incredible softness for all hair types.
  • Express Rituals: A comprehensive hair Therapy when you are short of time
  • Instant conditioning Booster doses:  Instant Conditioning for your hair Fibre. A perfect accompaniment to regular services such as haircuts, blow-dry etc.  

My Experience:

Once we entered the salon, we were greeted by some wine and hors d'oeuvres. The lighting inside was very ambient and felt fresh. 

I was attended by this super sweet hair expert girl whose name was Dorma. If you do happen to visit this particular salon, do ask for her, her hands are very gentle and her massage technique is very relaxing.I tried the Express Ritual which included washing, conditioning, deep conditioning, massage and steam treatment. It roughly took about a little more than 30 mins and the end was absolutely stunning. My hair looked shinier, felt softer and yet the treatment did not weigh down my already limp hair. I have washed my hair numerous times since then and I have to tell you that the shine is still very much there. I was also suggested a hair wash and a hair masque by the Kerastase Expert which I will check out soon.
That's a poor selfie..My forehead looks like a helipad :O
And that's Dorma working on my hair. :)
Shalini's awesome Blow dry
Bharti taking selfies while her treatment was on :)
In all, I had a great experience and would totally recommend Tony&Guy for their amazing services .

To book a Kérastase Ritual visit TONI&GUY, Punjabi Bagh
4, North West Avenue, Punjabi Bagh, Extn. Club Road, Delhi - 110026.
For appointments call telephone: +91-11-45081771 / 45082771

Disclaimer: Services provided by the Brand for consideration.


  1. Why you haven't put your 'after' pic? thanks my hair definitely look different ;)

  2. Loved the head massage part. And yeah, at least it was nice meeting you ^_^.

  3. I loved tum 3non ka piccys. hehehe

  4. Looks like a great visit! Wish I could make it that day! :)

  5. the 3rd last pic left corner..that's me ;) And the kerastase ritual made me fall in love with my hair again :)


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