August 21, 2013

The 30 day Eye Makeup Challenge- Look 17

Hey everyone!!

I'm back again with the 17th look in this series and I decided to pull out my (fabulous)long forgotten Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Palette for creating this eye makeup look. Trust me, the eye makeup looked far more gorgeous and intense in person, however darn! this cloudy weather, and the lack of natural light , the pics look a little dull and flat.

Also some products I used for this look :

Hope you all like this look!! :)
Have a happy Wednesday!!

P.S. My love for this palette is revisited ...need to use it more often..In case you haven't checked out the review yet, HERE's one I did long time back :)


  1. Agni u are gonna set us on fire with ur lovely looks.. the palette looks awesome..!!
    The blue and grey blends well.. really like the way u worked with the colors.. :)

  2. hehehe....Thanks!!
    yea, the palette is really nice, and the shades are really soft and easy to work with..try it sometime :)

  3. Super Agni...amazing work and the palette looks too good..
    and I so agree with you.. It is such a task to get clicked when the light is not appropriate..Sometimes the light is just too harsh and sometimes the pics come out way too gloomy.. When I try eye makeup and full face looks on any given day I click about 200-250 pics :P :P

    1. 200-250 :O OMG!! I take only about 70-80, and sometimes when light is good, only 30 or so.... hehe...

  4. Kal hi itna bol diya ab kya bolu :D Wapas kal tu iss kuch aacha karegi ;)
    Gosh !! You really pulled out another stunner <3 :)
    Gorgeous !! :*

    1. Thanks a lot Vipra....It's so much fun to read all of your comments..and of course I'm motivated to work harder and create something better ..Thank you :0


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