February 11, 2014

NewU nail Enamel #46 Green Pearl : Review/NOTD/Glitter Nails

NewU Nail Enamel (Rs 50/5 ml) #46 Green Pearl is a glitter top coat nail color with a sparse mix of silver glitter and gorgeous Emerald Green hexes. The consistency of this Nail Polish is medium to thick . It applied smooth, picks up only a few hexes and some glitter in every coat.
The formula is goes on smooth.. I don't like to apply the polish just on it's own but over a complementary base color, one that would bring out the best out of the Emerald green hexes.

The packaging is super simple, very ordinary,and travel friendly! The screw top brush is quite smooth and not flimsy plastic, and it feels quite sturdy and stable.

I decided to show you guys how pretty it looks over a base color, hence the tried a quick nail art with Avon's sweet Mint and Sunshine as my bases.

The Nail color makes the base colors last longer and even on it's own, it has stayed for more than 2 days on my nails.

The glitter top coat is absolutely wonderful to look at and adds that extra zing to a boring manicure. If you're looking to invest in some affordable glitter top coats, check out NewU because they do have some great shades in there (I remember seeing one with Navy and one with Purple hexes!!)

The only con about this Nail enamel is that it only picks  up a few hexes in one go, and if you try to apply too many layers, it can take forever to dry! But at this price point, I can't complain much, plus I prefer it this way. It looks cleaner with sparsely placed glitter hexagons!

I can't really recommend these enough because they just have so many shades and textures, that it's impossible to choose a few. You would definitely see another different texture of Nail enamel from NewU being reviewed by me in a day or two.

The small bottles get used up fast, and the quality is at par with many established drugstore brands! 


  1. That's refreshing nail art :) .. Eye candy for sure ;)
    I <3'ed it - Glam NOTD babe :*

  2. veryy prettyy.. that glittery nail paint and ur nail colors.. <3
    Beautiful NOTD dear,.. :)

  3. Lovely Nail Art and they are so cheap..

  4. Such a beautiful mani!!! I love NewU Polishes. I think they are complete value for money.


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