February 5, 2014

The Body Shop RASPBERRY Body Butter/FRAMBOISE Beurre Corporel : Review

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter (Rs 995/200 ml) is a rich creamy and buttery body cream that melts into your skin and leaves it feeling super soft and fragrant for long hrs.

Housed in a berry pink regular Body Butter tub with screw top lid, this body butter titillates your olfactory senses as soon as you open the lid. The fruity fragrance
creates a picture of a basket full of berries,ready to be devoured with a slurp!! I did not really intend to buy this one, but I was just checking out the Cocoa butter and Coconut Body Butter when I spotted this pink tub and as soon as I opened the lid, I had decided that I wanted it.

I am usually not very fond of Fruity Fragrances, but the fragrance of this one was fruity without that sweetness, hence I gave in to the temptation. It's really a simple scent, with only hint of berries and nothing else.The fragrance feels light and volatile, is in my opinion, perfect for summersThe fragrance doesn't last very long, maybe through 4-5 hrs, but once ina while you do get an occasional whiff of the scent.

This rich light pink colored body butter cream, sinks into the skin very easily, and only leaves a mild greasiness behind, although I don't exactly mind that!

It spreads easily on the skin, but sinks in too fast, so you have to be either really quick in spreading, or might end up using large quantities.

The hydration lasts easily through an entire day, and more, maybe until the next day's shower. Excellent Hydration for Dry Skin!

The Raspberry Body Butter is another amazing body butter from The Body shop(and I can't seem to get enough!),and because the scent is more apt for summer, I only occasionally use it these days. Maybe ,when the whether gets warmer, the fragrance would stay on longer and I would enjoy using the product more.

P.S.: This product is now discontinued. You might just see a few pieces in stores if you're lucky!


  1. I wanna try it :)

  2. Loveeeeeeee TBS body butters like everybody else on the planet :)
    I guess applying it right after shower might make spreading easy and wud hydrate more as well.

    1. I apply immediately afterwards,just like I apply all other Body Butters,but somehow ,the texture of this is slightly different..it sinks in super fast!!

  3. i m loving this pink dubba.... got peach n ginger to finish before i can get another fruit :)

    1. Oh, you won't be able to resist if you sniff it once....delicious fragrance...yea, I need to review Ginger and satsuma too..gawd..TBS Body Butters are addictive!!


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