March 10, 2014

Revlon Nail Enamels 418 Revlon Red, 421 Cherry Berry and 455 Mischievous : Review/NOTD

Revlon Nail Enamels , Rs 160/8ml , available online and across Revlon counters in various department stores, have been a cult favorite for as long as I can remember. The colors and textures of these Nail enamels are one of the best in the drugstore Nail Polish Category, and I can never seem to have enough. As much as I love Nail Polishes (which you all probably know by now!), I seem to have a soft corner especially for Revlon Nail Enamels which still come in the same Vintage looking bottles but have a  better formulation than ever before. 

Packaging-wise these nail polishes are great, I love the Vintage looking bottles, and I'm really glad that Revlon has not changed the packaging for decades. It reminds me of my childhood days when I sometimes used my mom's Nail polishes. Also these are quite sturdy, I have happened to drop them a couple of times, not from a great height though, and they were fine ..

The brush is medium width, and applied polish easily, needing three strokes to cover the entire nail bed. There was no streaking, or pooling along the sides.

The consistency of these Nail polishes is medium to thin, and they dried quite fast on my nails.

The Revlon Nail Enamels typically stay for three days and more on my nails without chipping, though the glossy shine does fade in a day and can be fixed with a top coat.

#418 REVLON RED is a neutral bright red with a creamy finish. It is extremely well pigmented and goes almost opaque in a single coat.

#421 BERRY CHERRY is a medium dark Berry Pink with a creamy finish. This one too was almost opaque ina single coat with a slight translucency showing through.

#455 MISCHIEVOUS is a taupe with creamy finish. This needs three coats of color to become opaque on nails.

Overall, I'm really happy with these Nail Polishes because of their lasting ability, glossy shine, and intense colors. I can't recommend them enough. At that price, these are undoubtedly your best drugstore picks , unless you're looking for some fashion forward colors that the range misses. I feel Revlon should add some spicy and jazzy shades to the range that can appeal to the younger crowd because most colors in this range are classic shades of Reds and Pinks with a few blues and pastels thrown in here and there. 


  1. I really liked shape of your nails Agni :) Loved Revlon Red

    1. Thanks Shalini, and in the swatch above , it's only a single coat of Revlon Red ...It's a piece of beauty :)

  2. I simply adore the Gorgeous feel Revlon Red offers to your Nails :) .. Other Hues are cool but Revlon Red is My Pick Sweets :)
    You really got Beautiful Nails <3

    1. Thanks hun..
      Revlon Red is a classic shade of glad you like it.. :)

  3. Hard to say which one I like more..since I have taupe n red..berry cherry is want I want NOW!!!

  4. awesome shades specially red...liked ur nails shape


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