April 14, 2014

Vichy Bi-White MED Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam : Review

 Vichy Bi-White MED Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam (Rs 1290/100 ml) , is a creamy Face wash that claims to work on decreasing skin pigmentation and works towards giving the skin flawless transparency and Luminosity.

Clinically proven on Asian Sensitive Skin
-High Efficiency
Skin is perfectly Clean, Fresh and soft.
Complexion is visibly fairer and more even. Skin recovers a flawless transparency and inner pure luminosity
-High Skin Respect
Tested on Asian Skin under dermatological control.
Paraben Free. Hypoallergic

How to use:
Use morning and night. make foam in the palms of your hands with water. Avoid the eye arae. rinse thoroughly
In vitro action

My Experience:

I got this Face Cleanser along with my Vichy Bi-White MED Night Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream and have been using it ever since. The cleanser comes in an easy to use white colored tube with a flip top cap. The mouth of the tube is really small and dispenses product in a very controlled manner which is great because you need a very small quantity of the product in every use.

The texture of this facewash is like a silky smooth cream, that lathers extremely well. I usually take a small drop of this foaming wash on a wet cleansing sponge and wash my face using that. It very effective cleans away all dirt and grime from the face and leaves it feeling squeaky clean. After every wash, the skin surely looks brighter and feels supple. It does not feel dry or stretchy even if I don't apply a moisturizer though as a rule, I like to follow up after a moisturizer after every wash.

I have noticed that if I use this Facewash more than two times a day, I get some small zits on my chin and under the eyes. So I'd just like to assume that washing your face more than two times is not a good idea with this face wash and I usually stick to using this only once, that is in the morning; and at night I stick to my Faces Foam Away Mousse Cleanser since I feel that's a little more mild.

It says this face wash is meant for sensitive skin, however, I feel it is best suited for people with comnination to oily skin because it keeps the face bright and oil free for a good amount of time, and that too much usage did slightly break me out so I suggest women with sensitive skin may just get a sample to try before they buy a full sized product..

Overall, I really like this Facial Foam for it's brightening and mattifying properties. Except when I used it more than the recommended two times a day, I did not experience any rashes/allergies etc. After every wash, skin feels fresh and bright. About the whitening part...uh!! I never trust a "whitening" claim so don't even expect a product to deliver on that parameter. It's a good face wash for combination to Oily skin and one tube will last a very long time, I have been using mine for more than 3 months now and I still have a enough to last me another month (and maybe more!), so I believe even the price is very justified. But honestly, I don't see myself buying this one again. Maybe now I'd like to try something from the Normaderm Range.


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