April 14, 2014

VICHY Laboratories SPF 50 CAPITAL SOLEIL Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch: Review

VICHY Laboratories SPF 50 CAPITAL SOLEIL, Rs 890/ 50 ml

The VICHY Laboratories SPF 50 CAPITAL SOLEIL is a sun protection fluid that claims to provide high protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. This particular variant from the Capital Soleil Range Is meant for Combination to Oily Skin. The formula is enriched with MEXORYL , which helps protect the genetic capital against sun damage, brown spots and sun induced premature ageing and thereby giving your skin optimum protection against the sun.

·         Anti Sun-Induced Wrinkles
·         Anti Sun-Induced Spots
·         Anti Sun-Induced Damage

Apply just before exposure. Re-apply frequently and generously to maintain protection especially after swimming, perspiring or towelling.

Exclusive combination of our best cosmetic filters MEXORYL® XL &SX and an active ingredient resulting from pharmaceutical research.

Capital Soleil Dry Touch has a unique texture which has
  •  Silica micro-beads    :Disperses sebum and has a light scattering effect to avoid shine.
  •  Corn starch powder :Absorbs sebum droplets on skin surface to enhance powdery feel and softness
The product comes in a simple easy to use, plastic tube with a flip top cap. The one thing that I've noticed about Vichy product tubes is that the flip top caps are very sturdy and close tightly without making that "click" noise. I think there's a certain sophistication attached to that part. The cap closes securely and is quite travel friendly. Also I love the bright Orange-yellow-white color scheme on the matte finish tube . It is visually very appealing.

The consistency is like a thick emulsion, and a little difficult to spread because it gets absorbed in the skin super fast, however a small trick is to apply this in small dots all over the desired area and then blend. The sunscreen hardly takes more than a few second to sink into your skin , AND there's NO WHITISH cast left behind. There is a slight fragrance in the product, which I feel is quite fresh and it is not at all overpowering.

The finish is matte, like dry matte, maybe because of the corn starch powder as an ingredient, and it is just the kinds I like during summer months, yet there is no dryness associated with it. Since I have combination Oily skin , most of the sunscreens that I tried have either clogged pores on my face and caused breakouts, or have turned oily ,even if they claimed to be "dry touch" kinds. With the VICHY SPF 50 Capital Soleil, my skin look matte even after 8 hours of application, and I'm not even kidding, and it looks as fresh as it was when I first applied it. Since it's matte finish, dirt and grime doesn't stick to my face, and that to an extent also prevents any further breakouts . 

I use this sunscreen twice a day, first when I go for my morning walks, which is usually around 8:30 am because that's the time I drop my kid for school, and second around 1 pm when I go to pick him up . My morning walk lasts for anytime between 30mins to 1 hr and last summers I had got a terrible tan because the sun gets quite strong in those early hours of the day and no matter what sunscreen I used, I wasn't comfortable because of either the sunscreen causing breakouts, or getting mixed up with sweat and causing my tees to turn all gunky, or the whitish cast they left on my face. With the Vichy SPF 50 Capital Soleil, all of these problems are eliminated, and not only that, I have been using it for about a month now and I've only tanned marginally this time, like there's no round tee mark along my neckline. 

The sunscreen delivers on all the parameters that it claims and there's not one bad thing that I can point out about this sunscreen that I don't like.

Overall, The Vichy SPF 50 Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid is an excellent sunscreen for the typiocal North Indian Summers and also maybe for the humid months to come. It looks thick and creamy , like a heavy emulsion, but after application is quite light on the skin. It has never caused me any allergies or breakouts, nor does it leave any whitish cast on the face. The finish is matte, and it stays fresh for a good 7-8 hours post application. I have experienced only minimal tanning after I started using this sun protection fluid. I would totally recommend it for everyone who has Combination to Oily skin and shy away from sunscreens because most of them turn greasy after a couple of hours. The Vichy Capital Soleil protects your skin in  the most beautiful manner, and it is my only go-to skin care product on most days . 


  1. I have never tried Vichy. I have oily skin, I would like to use :)

    1. I am hooked on to Vichy nowadays..It's by far the best skincare I've ever tried...Definitely worth a try..

  2. Great blog! Im your new follower! :)

    1. Thanks Great..checking out your blog right away :)

  3. Seems promising Agni..though I have dry skin,I wud still not mind a matte looking sunblock..loved the first pic :)

    1. It sure is a great product Aditi..If you have dry skin, you can try the creme variant of this one, or maybe the spray one....or maybe you can ask for a sample of this and try before you buy a full sized product :)

  4. Nice review girlie!!

    1. Thanks, it's a boon for girls with combi skin :)

  5. Never tried Vichy products. This one sounds great, would love to give them a try :)

    1. A sunscreen would be great to begin with ;)


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