May 20, 2014

Press release: Go Glamorous with Vibrant and Smacking Glam On Lip Gloss from FACES Canada

Get that magical touch of fashion and shine with revolutionary GLAM ON LIP GLOSS from FACES Canada. Plump up your pout with GLAM ON lip gloss, in 12 electrifying shades that stay for more than 6 hours.
Its unique formula is enriched to provide moisturized lips for an unprecedented mirror shine and incredible comfort. The gel-like formula smoothens easily without getting sticky imparting a color-boosting effect. Its delicately sweet fragrance coats your lips in a gloss film of irresistible delight.
Apply the lip gloss in one single stroke from the centre of the lips to the corners to avoid excess gloss build-up in the lip corners. For a fuller look, apply generously to the centre of the lips.

Chose from our 12 extensive eye catching rich shades for that perfect diva looking charisma to sweep him off his feet.

Price Rs. 549

*Honestly, i love the shades as they look in the pictures, especially the purple pink one and I hope they're good on color  intensity too..Pricing seems to be okay as well..let's see :)

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