May 28, 2014

The Nokia XL IndiBlogger Meet : Fun, Games and prizes that made up a Gala Event

Hey everyone, 

On Saturday, the 17th of May, 2014, I attended the The Nokia XL Indiblogger meet held at The Oberoi Hotel ,New Delhi. 

I had received the mail announcing the meet on the 13th of May, and due to some events happening back home, I somehow missed checking my mail that day. The next day when I checked my mail, to my utter horror, all seats were full. The last time Nokia Apptasting event was held in Delhi, I had missed it too and so regretted not being a part of it for long afterwards. It was the same happening this time as well, and I was in no mood to let go, so after every 30 minutes, I would keep checking on the Indiblogger page to see if there were any cancellations, and gladly, there were a few and I managed to register myself for the event.

To give you a preview, Indiblogger meets have always been so much fun for me, for many reasons. Being a Beauty Blogger, I hardly get time to read or socialize with Bloggers from other fields and the IndiBlogger meets give me that opportunity every once in a while. Thanks to their effort of organizing the bloggers' directory, I now am friends with so many bloggers from different fields and get to meet them through these meets which otherwise doesn't happen often.

So anyway, once I registered for the meet, and was all set to attend the event, I realised I wouldn't have much time to get ready for the meet since my home renovation work was at full swing and I couldn't manage a proper dust free environment to apply some makeup. Somehow, I applied some eyeliner and a lipstick ,and just rushed out of the door and painted my nails whilst in the talk about multi tasking...

On the way, I met up with my Indi-friends and we reached the venue in the sweltering Delhi Heat , only to find the crowded and chirpy environment prepping up our moods instantly. The hotel lobby was buzzing with friendly conversations between bloggers and organizers and the delightful ambience quite made up for the not-so-comfortable journey that led us there. The lobby had a picturesque view of a pool and to miss a photo-op there would've been a sin. So me and another blogger friend of mine decided to click some pics right there while waiting for the event to begin.

The event began with a little chaos, since the hotel had made insufficient seating arrangements and many bloggers were left standing for a while 

Here's a video that I captured while the warming up exercise was done by the Indiblogger team. That surely charged us all up for the exciting evening that lay ahead.

The event started with Rajiv Makhni (Of Gadget Guru fame) and Chef Vikas Khanna taking up the stage and talking us through some myths about the Nokia XL phone and how they weren't all quite true. 

There were various games that they hosted, right from innovative dips into the ball pool, to the roti making competition, from the muti-tasking #velfie shoot, to the innovation with recipes using a set of ingredients. And yeah, not to forget making up variations of the #selfie. People won the XL phones like crazy....

Coming on to the agenda of the meet, it was to promote the New Nokia XL Series of dual SIM phones that come in the price category of slightly above Rs 11000, and are available in three stunning bright colors.

It has a 5 MP main camera sensor, and a display size of 12.7 cm (which is why the XL tag). 
You can read more about the specifications HERE. It does have a 1 Ghz processor , but that in no way hinders its performances.

For someone looking at smartphones within a budget, this can really be a great option to look at. Rajiv was all praises about the functionality and abilities of this phone. For someone like me, who already uses a Nokia, and have been a happy and satisfied customer for years, I might have checked out this just a few days back when we bought two smartphones to gift our parents. Alas! I didn't knew about these then. 

The evening was quite memorable and enjoyable and needless to say quite interactive and all the bloggers and the media partners had a great time. I also managed to win a portable Nokia USB Charger along with a Nokia XL Tee during the multi tasking Velfie event (btw, a Velfie is nothing but a video selfie, isn't that cool..). That really made my day. It finished off with drinks and dinner , which were really awesome, and specially arranged IndiBus to drop off women bloggers attending the event. I love how much effort the IndiBlogger Team puts in to the making of any event and that is what differentiates these meets from other blogger meets.

Sharing with you all some images from the amazing event...


  1. seems like a great event. we missed it :(

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