July 17, 2014

DEBORAH MILANO Extra Pearly Stick Eyeshadow 05 Charming Violet, 07 Elegant Green : Review

DEBORAH MILANO Extra Pearly Stick Eyeshadow (Rs 590), available now across Deborah Milano counters in 10 stunning shades.

Product Description:
Eye shadow stick with a soft and creamy texture that allows for smooth and defined application. The pure and intense extra pearl color results in bright and shiny lids, and the waterproof formula ensures a long-lasting extra hold.

Available in 10 shades:

01. Majestic Gold

02. Gorgeous Bronze
03. Resolute Brown
04. Pretty Rose
05. Charming Violet
06. Winsome Blue
07. Elegant Green
08. Rock Black
09. Metallic Silver
10. Futuristic White

I have been wanting to try a eyeshadow crayon for a very long time now, I missed the Clinique Chubby stick eye crayons, The Lakme eye crayons,the Bobbi Brown ones, the Rimmel eyeshadow crayons and a host of others. However, when I checked these Deborah Milano eyeshadow crayons, I again wanted to skip them but while I was trying to remove the swatches off my hand, I changed my mind!!Read on to know why...

The DEBORAH MILANO Extra Pearly Stick Eyeshadow comes is a retractable twist up crayon form which is black in color except for the color indicators at the tail. This is mighty helpful when you have more of these and are trying to locate one. I like the twist up form since it ensure zero wastage, and it is retractable so just in case you pulled out extra , you can always move it back in. The cap shuts ttighly with a click and it is perfectly safe to carry in your handbag...whoa!! I never carry eyeshadows in my handbag but with these, I think I just might!!

The texture of these eyeshadow crayons is super soft and smooth, but not at all crumbly, it glides on the lids without any tug or pull. The pigmentation is just amazing and you get true color in just a swipe. It feels creamy when freshly applied and for the next 30 seconds , you may smudge or blend it after which it sets. Even without any primer underneath, it stays on without moving for 6-7 hours. It is completely waterproof (I checked the hand swatches under running water!!) and smudge or crease proof.

The eyeshadow sticks are great to be used just on their own or when wearing underneath a similar colored powder eyeshadow to intensify the look. 

#05 Charming Violet is a greyish Violet with mauve and silvery glitter which are quite prominent but not chunky. I wear contact lenses and I have not had any instances of the glitter getting into my eyes or so. The shade looks extremely pretty and sparkly on the lids. I sometimes like to do my eye makeup with shades or purple and then apply this shadow stick right in the centre of the lids and it leads to a gorgeously sparkling effect. Love this!!

#07 Elegant Green is a blackened dark green color with frost finish that I picked up because I needed a green base to do some intense green smokey eyes. Little did I know that I would fall so in love with the shade that I would try all sorts of ways to wear this; as an all over lid color, as a lid color for creating a green gradient, as an eyeliner on lower lash line etc. The Elegant Green Shade is more pearlescent and less sparkly as compared to the Charming Violet shade and that makes it more wearable for any time of the day.

I particularly must mention here that the shades 02 Gorgeous Bronze and 03 Resolute Brown are totally drool-worthy too and in case you are looking for colors that you can use on a everyday basis, those two would look great on Indian skin. I also happened to like 10 Futuristic White which is exactly the color and shine of a pearl. Infact, I had a tough time picking up the two colors that I reviewed above since all the shades were so tempting!! And I had a tough time taking off the swatches from my hand and that is when I decided to buy those two!!

Overall, The DEBORAH MILANO Extra Pearly Stick Eye shadows are gorgeous looking, extremely well pigmented eye shadow crayons that don't budge or crease on the lids once they set and keeps your eye makeup intact for hours at a stretch. I think these are great value for money and totally recommend them!!

A quick 5 minute eye makeup look , charming violet on the lids, elegant green along the lower lash line, some black eyeshadow on the outer corner, kohl and mascara!!

And here is today's FOTD, if I look ill, it is because I tried a bad base ..hmph!! oh, but look at that purple on the lids :)


  1. They look fab..whats the price ?

    1. Hey Bhumika, these are 590 each, totally worth every penny! :)

  2. Beautiful on you and I like green so much, very elegant x

  3. Thanks Gowthami, I like the purple on e a tad more than the green..both are pretty..try them sometime :)


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