July 16, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moisture Matte R 516 Lincoln Rose : Review/FOTD

L'Oreal Paris COLOR RICHE Moisture Matte, Rs 899/4.2 g, now available online as well as in stores across India. I got mine through flipkart.com

Product Description:
A lipstick that delivers intense moisture while providing a velvet matte finish. Colour Riche Moisture Matte's unique formula contains jojoba oil for unrivaled moisture and comfort along with matte gel technology to create an intense matte look.

Velvet matte gel technology is combined with deep pigments and Jojoba oil to give a deep colour pay-off, maintaining ultimate moisture and comfort.
The L'Oreal Paris COLOR RICHE Moisture Matte lipsticks come in a beautiful shiny steel-y metallic casing with a rosy tint. It does have a shade indicator on the side too. The packaging is just fabulous, and this is the second in series from L'Oreal, right after The Shine Caresse Lip Color that also took my breath away with a  gorgeous golden casing. I think L'Oreal's team is working hard on the packaging part and I am so giving them a lot of credit for this. The cap fits with a click, and it has a grove on one side that lets you know what direction to plug it on. It will never open in your purse, so easy to carry as well. It has a tear drop shaped bullet top that sits comfortably on the lips and makes application so easy. This is my second Moist matte lipstick , the first one being Glamor Fuchsia that I reviewed HERE. Oh, and like I mentioned previously about some people complaining of the lipstick breaking at the base, I am now a victim of the same mishap too, and that is when I'm so careful with my lipsticks so I guess there's a problem out there!

The shade R 516 Lincoln Rose is a gorgeous shade of Red with a lot of complexity, it is warm, and leans a bit towards Orange in bright sunlight, however in low light it looks like a stark Red with Pink undertones. It is definitely a Red but unlike any other red lipstick that I own. bright, fun and sexy..It screams HOTNESS!!

The texture of this lipcolor feels like a hybrid between gel and cream, and it provides opaque color in a few gentle swipes, maybe three or four. The colors takes about a few minutes to settle down to it's actual finish which is like a velvet matte as the product claims, and not exactly a dry matte. Infact, it keeps you lips in good condition even after long hours of wear. It is exactly the kind of matte that women with dry lips can try. I didn't find it particularly moisturizing, but it was definitely not drying. It wears comfortably for as long as 6+ hours and fades evenly into a beautiful pinkish Red stain. It may turn a bit patchy after a meal though. It only mildly transfers.

Overall, The L'Oreal COLOR RICHE Moisture Matte lipstick Lincoln Rose is a great lipcolor for women who love bold,bright colors. The lipstick has a lightweight and comfortable feel on the lips, and provides a velvety matte finish. The non-drying formula makes it totally apt for women with dry lips. It wears for long, about 6+ hours and might turn patchy after a meal, but otherwise fades evenly with time.


  1. Gorgeous is the word. Looking lovely.

  2. RiRi Woo ki dupe hain yeh???? mast lag rahi hain tere pe!

    1. Hey Bee..thanks ya..nahi, not a RiRi dupe, this is warmer and has a hint of pink..will do a comparative swatch for the same ;)

  3. It is indeed a beautiful color!! I have just got it I hope it doesnt break easy!!

  4. the shade looks absolutely stunning on you!!! amazing pics!

  5. beautiful shade. Red shades always look so good on you :)

  6. Plz do a comparative swatch of this with the newly launched loreal pure reds shade pure vermeil. And mac relentlessly red.i find these three to b similar.


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