August 3, 2014

Dunkin Donuts : Restaurant Review

So, yet another lazy Saturday went by and since I was too lazy to cook lunch, we decided to eat out. Ever since Dunkin Donuts had started popularizing their Burger advertisements , trying them out had been on our minds and hence, we headed over to Dunkin Donuts at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon for some mouth watering junk!!

The restaurant is located on the 4th Floor in the Food Court at Ambience Mall on NH 8 in Gurgaon. Just upon entering the premises , I felt refreshed looking at the set up of the restaurant. It was very casual and laid back, with the seating arrangement comprising of solid wood tables and chairs, as well as small comfy sofa sets. It is a perfect place for a casual date, or a group outing with friends and for small families like the three of us. 
The menu comprised of Burgers, Wraps, Sandwiches and both hot and Cold beverages. The Menu was quite extensive for a casual restaurant and I had a hard time picking up what I wanted to eat. We wanted something spicy for the two of us (the husband and I), and something fairly bland, yet flavorful for the kid. Finally we ordered for Brute Tough Guy Chicken Burger , a classic Chicken Burger and a Shredded Chicken Croissant Sandwich for the kid. For beverages, we ordered, one Jamaican Rum Dunkacchino and an Iced Tea. And also we chose a Toffee Nougat and Alive By Chocolate to satisfy the sweet cravings at the end of the meal.

We got a Token number Card and once you place that on your table, the staff serves it on your table using that number card and I think that was amazing because it sometimes bothers me to be waiting at the counter for your order and especially with a kid around, you would want to be seated and comfortable before you start with your meal, so Dunkin Donuts gets full points on that.

The order took about 5-10 minutes to arrive, and was well wrapped and hot and fresh. It was hard for me to resist taking a bite before I clicked some pictures for you guys. The Brute Tough Guy Chicken Burger had chunks of Juicy chicken and fresh and crispy lettuce and small pieces of crunchy Bell Pepper along with a host of flavored sauces which I believe were a mix of mayonnaise, Thousand Island Dressing and spicy chili. The Classic Chicken Burger had a Chicken Patty inside with almost the same mix of spicy sauces, but lesser veggies. Both the burgers were simply amazing. Juicy and super spicy!!  The Shredded chicken Croissant Sandwich on the other hand was a buttery and very flaky with a filling of large shredded chicken chunks, some lettuce and grounded black pepper and milder sauces, perfect for my kid.

The beverages , especially the Jamaican Rum Dunkaccino was simply delicious. The Rum added a hint of bitterness, while the creamy latte base was perfect to balance the drink with its sweetness. I totally enjoyed this drink , and it was unlike something I had ever had before. The Iced Tea was nice, but nothing special. In my opinion, it would havetasted better with some more sweetness!!

The Donuts were soft and buttery too. I especially liked the Toffee Nougat Donut. The sweetness was perfect and it was moist and almost melted in my mouth. The Alive by chocolate Ring Donut felt a little dry though, but it tasted nice once I reached the chocolate filled center part.

Overall, the experience was incredible. The Burgers were large and very tasty. The spicy sauces made them all the more better. My kid enjoyed the Shredded Chicken Croissant and the drinks were a nice company. I would especially recommend you to try the Jamaican Rum Dunkacchino. The Donuts are available in various flavors and toppings, so choose one that appeals to you. I am surely going back there soon for more!!

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Meal for two : Rs 800
Location: 4th Floor, Ambience Mall, NH 8, Gurgaon, Haryana


  1. I love Dunkin's burgers too! They are indeed awesome, it is one of my favorite places to eat at. :)
    PS: so going to try the kryolan lip gloss after your swatch :D

    1. gah!! the thoughts of the juicy burgers tempt me everyday..I am going back very soon ;)
      Thanks, for mentioning the Kryolan Gloss..Its super value for money will love it!!

  2. I really like sandwiches at dunkin :) Esp the croissant one :)

    1. The shredded chicken croissant sandwich was good, but a bit bland for my taste..will try a spicy one next time ;)
      Any specific one you would like to recommend??

  3. This just opened in Bombay and after reading your review I am surely tempted!



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