August 18, 2014

Durga Puja Series: NOW TRENDING, Pakistani Suits , the current rave in Indian Ethnic!

Hi Everyone,

After I posted my first look in the Durga Puja Series, I did get a few questions regarding what were the Fashion Trends this season as far as some Indian/Ethnic dressing was concerned. Since I'm based out of Gurgaon/NCR, I can say for sure I'm more aware about the current fashion trends in salwaar-kameez suits and what is currently a hot trend in this part of the country are the Pakistani style salwaar suits with their conservative and traditional styles mixed with contemporary patterns and cuts.

Durga Puja is one occasion when Bengali Women love to flaunt all kinds of latest trends in Fashion and this time I'm sure I'm going to see a lot of such suits in all pandals during those four days of non-stop festivities.

Ever since I started watching this new channel called "Zindagi", I have been admiring the way in which Pakistani women wore salwaar kameez suits. Their styles intrigued me, and I found them more suited to my taste and dressing style. The pakistani suits have certain distinctly elegant highlight points which I'm listing below:
  1. Their hemlines were low, the kurtas would do down below, covering atleast half of your calves.
  2. The kurtas would never be very fitted. The silhouettes would define your frame in a very classy way, but never cling to your bodies. Delhi women have an inclination towards fitted dresses however , they too are now giving away to these kind of loosely fitted and super comfortable dressing style.
  3. Their necklines would mostly be high, like a Chinese collar, or a half collar, and the back would never be exposed. Indian traditional suits/blouses would more often than not, have revealing cuts at the back, but when you get a Pakistani style suit , a covered neck/back alleviates the entire look.
  4. The kurta hemlines are usually beautified with the use of lace and other pretty feminine trimmings. Also, the trimmings are sometimes asymmetrical which I believe require a lot of skill to get right. If an asymmetric cut is done in a wrong way, it can totally break the entire look in a jiffy.
  5. You must specifically look out for floral prints, in pastel colors which besides being trendy are also super comfy when they're based in cool fabrics like cotton.
  6. There's a lot of innovation as far as the bottoms are concerned. Who would have thought that a palazzo would look that gorgeous with a long kurta with Lace Trimmings? Or that a trouser like pants would blend in seamlessly with a long flowing pastel kurta with long sleeves and feminine hemming.
If you want to own a salwaar-kameez suit like that, and if you're in Delhi/NCR, there are many online and retail stores who sell both ready made dresses like that and also dress materials that you can customize and get tailor stitched at your trusted local tailor.

If you searching for some Pakistani style suits, there is is Facebook page called The Karachi Collection and another one called ZANYA collection who sell pretty Pakistani style suits. Or otherwise, there are many other online clothing stores who sell these kind of suits/dress materials. If you're like me and love shopping from an actual store rather than a virtual store, the few places you must check out are Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar. There is also a Pakistani Boutique called The Boulevard that is located in South Extension that you can check out for Pakistani Bridal Fashion wardrobe add-ons for some designer stuff. As many of you know through my posts on Instagram, I had been to Chandni Chowk very recently for some upholstery shopping and I have managed to pick up a dress material which has a lace trim on the hem , and also on the bottom(salwaar) ends. yay! to that.. I hope to share some pictures with you all once it is ready to wear :)

P.S.: This is not a sponsored post and the opinions and observations expressed here are my own.The reference images shown in this post are not owned by me and, if you own any of the images shown in this post, and want me to take them down, please let me know through a mail.


  1. The first option is seriously ahhMAZING... I would love to get one suit like that.

    1. I know its irresistible..You can get it easily here in Delhi Fiona :)

  2. I humbly request Indians to completely shun Pakistan made products. We must not fund their economy after what they do to us at the border. The money you spend is being poured into funding the proxy war against India by militant outfits. The allure for novel suits, carpets and handicrafts must never supercede patriotism and love for your country.


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