August 6, 2014

New shoes : ZARA Trafaluc Platform High Heeled Sandals

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am not the kind of girl who might be obsessed with shoes, however, today's post is going to be about one of my recent picks, and the ones I'm in love with right now!! The ZARA Trafaluc Platform High Heeled Sandals

I usually shy away from super high heels , however when I spotted  these at ZARA recently, I knew I wanted them, and I was lucky to find these in my size too. I have always found that shoes at ZARA are for some reason, always in bigger sizes like above UK 40, so I don't other much there. Luckily I found one pair of these in Size 37 (which is still a size bigger!) and tried them on and because these have a raised leather strap portion at the back (which take care of the extra shoe part,since these are a little big for my feet),these did look nice and fit me well. The leather portion is a nude beige in color and the sole part is a woody brown. The shoes are quite heavy for my comfort, but I think I will manage.

The original price of these is Rs 4,990.00 , and guess what, these were on sale so I picked them for Rs 1,290.00. Isn't that a steal??

Since, I am so fascinated with these at the moment, I clicked some pictures to show you. Let me know in your comments how you find them, and if you would like to see more of fashion and accessories post on my blog!!

Have a great day!!


  1. These are pretty ! And indeed a steal..I got nude strappy ones for 1990 and that too in sale :(

    1. Thanks Bhumika..I just found them irresistible
      I guess I was lucky ;)

  2. Omggg its a steal :O u delhi n mumbai people r lucky to hv Zara store but we in Kolkata. it sucks here :-/
    Btw I love the shoes and ur taste :D

    1. Thank you so much Sharmistha..yea, Zara is a boon for fashion lovers, but it tears apart your wallet too (unless it is sale time). :(

  3. These look super cool! and at that price OMG! I am Jealous now :/


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