August 1, 2014

Rimmel London APOCALIPS LIP Lacquer AURORA : Review/ FOTD

Rimmel APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer (Rs 475 / 5.5 ml), available at Parcos and online at

It's the End of Colour as you know it! 
The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. 

It's neither a lipstick nor a gloss... It's BIGGER than both! 
Available in 9 shades

I have wanted to try the Rimmel APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer ever since I had first heard of it. Finally, about 2 months back, I spotted these at Parcos at the Delhi Airport and quickly picked up this shade without even swatching or trying it. After using this I kind of have mixed feeling s about the product and I'm not quite sure whether I like the Lip Lacquer or not.
The Rimmel APOCALIPS comes in a plastic tube with a color indicator bottom part and a crystal like cap with a doe foot applicator. The applicator has a dent in the center so when you pull out the wand, the excess product gets wipes off the want, but there is enough left in the applicator tube to cover your lips in one go. The packaging is simple but I like the applicator tip because then I don't have to dip the wand in again and again to get sufficient product to cover my lips.
The shade AURORA is bright shade of Coral Red with strong Pink tones. On my medium skin, the shade is not exactly flattering when worn with full intensity, however as a sheer wash of color, it adds a lot of summery charm to my otherwise dull skin.
The Lip Lacquer is incredibly pigmented and would cover major lip imperfections in one go. The opacity is many times higher than a regular gloss and it actually feels like liquid lipstick with its creamy texture. It needs a little extra effort when spreading on the lips because the thick creamy texture tends to pool on the sides.
The Lip Lacquer can be a boon for women with dry lips because it is very moisturizing. Rimmel claims that it is bigger than a gloss or a lipstick, however, in my opinion, the I think the shine is only mediocre, and it is only like a liquid lipstick!
There are few things about this lip color that I find bothersome. First is the scent. Its the signature watermelon like scent that all Rimmel Lip Colors have, however in this product, the scent is quite strong even for my otherwise nonchalant olfactory senses. I can smell the scent even about 15-20 minutes later and honestly, I don't like it that much!!
Second, it transfers and bleeds!! like crazy. It is that gloopy feeling on your lips , when you know you're wearing something and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Non exactly a lightweight formula as I prefer. And it is doomsday if don't wear a lip liner! 
Staying power is just about 2-3 hours on me , without any meals in between. It fades evenly though, and leaves a soft Pink stain behind. Also, with time, the product also tends to thicken and accumulate around the corners of the mouth. It's an ugly sight then and one needs to be careful !
Overall, I like the APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer from Rimmel for the opacity of the formula and soft creamy shine it gives. However, it is a high maintenance lip color needing frequent checks for bleeding and transfer issues. Unless you fall in love with a shade, I think these can easily be skipped! 


  1. wow dear loved your lip swatch :) x

    1. Thanks Gowthami :) Have you tried the Apocalips yet?

  2. I am gng to check this color..looks perfect for Summr!

  3. agree with the scent thing,its lil weird but still this one is my favorite hehe

    1. Is it?? OMG!! I know many people have loved the formula, however, it just doesn't work for me..Although I must say I am very tempted to try the shade Big Bang ;)

  4. I so love your choice of lip colors! They are just the kind I myself prefer! I have got one in that bright pink as well and I am loving the formula too. It's like pure color and no tampering with that!


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