September 22, 2014

HAUL : Skincare ,etc.....

Hi Everyone,
These days I'm so inclined to work upon a better and more healthy skin that every time I'm at a store, makeup ,very conveniently skips my eye, and I find myself getting pulled towards the skincare counters and try to look for stuff that I think would work for me. Last week I suffered a bad reaction from a new skincare item that I was testing (the disadvantage of being a beauty blogger!!) and I only survived only on La Roche-Posay Toleriane for a whole of 5 days. The allergy is much better now, almost healed so maybe this week I would do a makeup look finally (can't wait, it's been so long I did one!!). Anyway, this is a small skincare haul that I did sometime back that wanted to share with you all. (Oh! btw, Haul Part 2 is coming up soon too ;) )

Wet Wipes: Essentials!! We all need them..
  1. Kara Makeup Remover Wipes 
  2. Zuci Makeup Remover Wipes 
  3. Zuci Pore Cleansing Wipes

 Color Show Nail Colors By Maybelline: Ah! the favorites...Color Show range has some seriously nice colors and are great on quality. Being a nail polish addict I will continue to hoard them untill I have them all...
 Vichy Liftactiv Serum :My beloved JAFRA Serum is now almost over and I wanted to try a new serum. VICHY is one of my favorites in the skincare category and since the VICHY Liftactiv Night Cream worked so beautifully on me, I decided to try the serum from the same range.
 VICHY Bi-White MED Deep Whitening Spot Intervention: I have a few dark spots around my eye area and cheeks which are quite stubborn and have been there since ages. I am not quite sure how much this product would help to fade them, yet I just wanted to get a product with targeted action and check out the results. Fingers crossed!!
 VICHY Aqualia Thermal Light: A Light moisturiser for my sensitive skin..
 And a whole lot of samples to try....
Totally looking forward to trying the LIFTACTIV Advanced Filler and Bi-White MED Deep Corrective Whitening Essence. These are 5 ml samples that I'm sure would easily last more than 15 usages.


  1. Are those Kara wipes still available? I have been looking for them everywhere but no luck. :( Girl, you must be in love with the makeup remover wipes!
    I haven't tried anything from Vichy yet. I should start somewhere. So many samples! The SAs must be pampering you!

    Loved your haul

    1. Hi Nivedita, yes, I got those wipes from NewU. I need a lot of wipes, I guess everybody does, it's easier to use plus more gentle on the skin as compared to cotton pads soaked in makeup remover.
      haha, yea, the VICHY SAs love me for obvious reasons... sometimes I don't get any samples at all, if they don't have them in stock and then I remind them on my subsequent


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