September 10, 2014


PALMER's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil (Rs 890/ 150 ml)

MOTHERHOOD is a fabulous journey, right from the moment you know you're going to be a mom, to the time when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time, to when they take their first step, and then when kids start going to school, then college and so on....Life goes on , children grow up, new memories are formed and old ones fade, but ONE thing that will always remind you of being a mom are your STRETCH MARKS!! Suddenly one day, you take a look at your belly and notice those silvery white lines and your whole life plays like a drama in front of your eyes...Stretch Marks are precious. They are your trophy that you will forever carry around and will always remind you of the days when your little one lay snugly inside your tummy. 

HOWEVER, sometimes stretch marks are so stark and prominent that they can make you shy away from wearing clothes that might reveal them. This happened to me too!! Pregnancy left me with horrid and very unpleasant stretch marks that made me take a call to not wear anything that would reveal even the tiniest part of skin on my lower abdomen. No, I don't hate my stretch marks, but it's just that I didn't want the world to see them ... If only I had managed to get hold of this miraculous little product while I was preggers...

The PALMER's COCOA BUTTER Formula Skin Therapy Oil is a dry oil that is formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, Stretch Marks, Dry skin, damaged skin, uneven skin and aging skin. The oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump and it is easy to control the amount of product that is dispensed. Simple , fuss free,no frills and yet user friendly packaging. It might not be a good idea to travel with it though because it's an oil and it just might leak causing a mess wherever you keep it!

The Skin Therapy Oil has a lightweight formula that just sinks into your skin within a few minutes of application. It smells deliciously of cocoa butter, warm and comforting and though the scent is very light, it lingers on in the room for hours after I've applied it. I find the scent very soothing and considering the fact that I apply it at bedtime, it sure helps my mind to relax and sleep well.

The surface of your skin still might be ever so slightly greasy for a few hours post application but since it is non-staining you can apply it and immediately dress up too. I usually apply this on to my lower abdomen and upper arms, where I have the maximum number or stretch marks, right before bedtime. On days when my facial skin feels rough and dry, I apply a drop on my palms and blend it all over my face and neck as well.

I have been using this oil for about a month now and I have all good things to say about it. My skin feels and looks more nourished, and my stretch marks look more cared for (if that means anything!!). The stretch marks are still there but they do not look as stark against my skin as they used to before I started using this product. On days when I apply this oil on my face, the next morning the roughness on the face is completely gone and there's a slight glow on my face that lasts for atleast two days. For women who have dry skin and/or mature skin, I'm extremely sure this would work like a miracle.

Overall, The PALMER's COCOA BUTTER FORMULA Skin Therapy Oil is an excellent product that has worked very well on making my stretch marks appear softer and less stark. I have only used it for a month until now, and I'm hoping that regular usage over a period of time, would definitely help in reducing my stretch marks too, if not remove them completely. This not a magical product and you have to give it time to work on your skin to see visible results.I am surely buying another one when I finish off this.
Highly Recommended!! 

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