September 2, 2014

SEPHORA triple action mascara BLUE : Review/EOTD

SEPHORA triple action mascara , available at Sephora (Rs 1000/10 ml)
The makeup fanatic that I am, I am always looking for newer shades and products to experiment with however, when it comes to mascara, I've never tried anything other than a black for years. I had been on the lookout for a colored mascara , especially blue, since that is my favorite color , especially on eyes, and I almost immediately picked up this mascara on one of my trips to Sephora sometime last month and here's my review on it.

The SEPHORA triple action mascara claims to extend, curl and volumize lashes and hence the name "triple action"

The Mascara that I got is in the shade blue, however, a black version is also available, and I think I've seen a brown too. 

The SEPHORA triple action mascara comes in a black plastic tube with a color indicator on the cap which is great when you want to locate it amidst a lot of other mascaras. The packaging is simple but user friendly!

When evaluating a mascara, a lot actually depends upon the applicator brush. In the case of this one, The brush is conical shaped which helps me to reach on to the innermost eyelashes very easily and also applied mascara to the bottom lashes without any fuss. 

The formula is medium dense, it applied without any clumping but didn't give enough volume. In my opinion, I would've actually preferred a thicker formula since I have straight and scanty lashes and it needs a lot of effort to make them look full and noticeable. Also since the formula claims to be volumizing among other things, I certainly expected more volume. 

The SEPHORA triple action mascara in BLUE is a cobalt blue colored mascara that did not really show up well on my dark lashes. I think a lash primer or something similar might help the color to pop a bit more. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

The mascara did give my lashes a lot of length and curl. I was amazed at how neat, long and separated my lashes looked once I applied it.

I wore this mascara on a rainy humid day, and it did slightly smudge along the bottom lashes. On other days, it stays well intact all day long without any smudge. 

Overall, I would say The SEPHORA triple action mascara in Blue is a nice day wear mascara for everyone, especially if you have heavy lashes and are looking for a neat ,elongated and separated look. However, if you're specifically looking for a lot of volume, this just might not be it. I bought it mainly because I wanted some blue for my lashes, but since my lashes are naturally dark in color, it doesn't really make them stand out. I can totally imagine how fabulous this might look on someone who has light brown or blonde lashes. If you like experimenting with colored mascara, try it for the fun quotient. Skip, if volume is your major concern. There are better options in the market at a much more reasonable price!

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