September 15, 2014

Soap & Glory HAND FOOD Hand Cream : Review

Soap & Glory Hand Cream (Rs 390/ 50 ml), available at Sephora across NCR

You know , the thing with being a mother is that your hands are always being subjected to a lot of water and soap. With someone like me, who anyway has always been very much into keeping hands clean, the situation gets worsened. It may sound gross, but by the end of the day, I'm left with really dry and rough hands which feel quite capable of scratching my skin if I rub my palms on it.

A few years back, for the same reason, I decided to incorporate a hand cream into my life and now, I really can't do without one. You can literally find a hand cream tucked away in every corner of my house and there would be one in my handbag all the time too, even if I was going out for a couple of hours.

I had heard a lot about the Soap & Glory Hand Food on many beauty blogs with bloggers raving about this miracle cream and so decided to pick it up a couple of months back and ever since it has made a permanent place in my handbag. why handbag....? well, you would know by the end of this post ..

The Soap & Glory Hand Food comes in a quirky looking retro pink packaging. Its fun and different and has a simple to use flip top cap which is quite sturdy. Excellent to travel with!!

The hand cream has a dense creamy formula, however it does get absorbed in a jiffy,especially on the topside of the hands. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I have applied enough product on to hands because there is not a slightest hint of any residue. However, it does leave a very discernible layer on the palms which makes my palms so slippery and makes everything I hold greasy, especially computer keypads and phone screens, so it isn't quite as "non-greasy" as it claims to be. I like my hand creams to be totally non-greasy!!

The ingredients list consist of Shea Butter, Macademia Oil and Marshmallow, scented with the S&G's original Pink Fragrance. To me it all seems like a mish-mash of a strong dose of fruity scents with artificial add-ons. I don't particularly like the smell. It's just a bit too harsh in my opinion. And it doesn't even fade away soon !

The good thing about this hand cream is that it survives 1-2 washes without creating an urgent need for another round of layering. I have rarely come across creams like this. It's like a film of protective coating on my hands over which water just slips away. It does keep my hands moisturized and the skin looking supple for as long as 3-4 hours in case I'm out somewhere and don't feel compelled to wash my hands.

Overall, The Soap & Glory Hand Food is a nourishing hand cream that does it's job of keeping your hands moisturized for long. However, because it does leave a film of greasiness on the palms, I avoid using it when I'm at home and that's the reason it has found place in my handbag. Of course it can very well be used at bedtime. Also, the scent is quite strong and those who don't like harsh scents in their skincare products, might feel uneasy because of it. In my opinion, I think the Hand Cream is a bit over hyped and I really wouldn't buy a second tube of it. You can find very comparable products in terms of quality at a better price so unless you really want to try this particular brand, I don't see a point in spending that amount on a greasy,strong smelling hand cream!

Not recommended!!

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