September 12, 2014

The Body Shop TEA TREE Range : Flawless BB Cream , Cool & Creamy Wash : Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Range 

FLAWLESS BB Cream (Rs 1095/ 40 ml)
COOL & CREAMY Wash (Rs 695/100 ml)

Hi Everyone , 

A few days ago I was invited to the launch of The Body Shop's Tea Tree FLAWLESS BB CREAM at their flagship store in Connaught Place, New Delhi , about which I blogged HERE.

Today, I'm going to review two products that I received as a part of the Press Kit, and these are 
  • The Body Shop TEA TREE Flawless BB Cream
  • The Body Shop TEA TREE Cool & Creamy Wash
The TEA TREE Range is specifically meant for Blemished skin. Tea Tree Oils are known for their skin benefits on Treating the root cause of some skin concerns like acne, and also they help in curing marks and pigmentation caused due to breakouts.

The Body Shop TEA TREE FLAWLESS BB CREAM claims to have a dual action effect, it fights the appearance of Blemishes and also provide coverage for them at the same time.

The BB Cream comes in a easy squeeze-y pack with a flip top cap and is easy to use and carry around. The amount of product dispensed can be comfortably controlled too.

The consistency of this cream is very light, almost like a gel, and it gets absorbed super fast. I got the shade #03 which is the darkest shade available in the range. I did not get the shade #02 fearing it would be too light for my medium skin, and I'm just so glad that I decided to do that. The shade #03 looks quite dark when swatched on the arm, however, as I applied it on my face, it did not look like a wrong shade match at all. In fact, I was quite surprised because the cream kind of adapted to my skin within a few minutes post application (which probably would only be one shade darker than the actual cream).

The only problem that I face with this BB Cream is that it makes my normal-combination skin look very oily and greasy as you can see in the picture below when I just apply it on its own. I need to top it off with loose powder/translucent powder to make it last longer. It stays for an average of 4-5 hours on me and for a BB Cream , that is more than what I expect.

The BB Cream has a faint Tea Tree oil scent which disappears in a few seconds post aapplication

The coverage that this cream provides is very light. For deeply blemished skin, this product alone will not work, you would surely need some concealer for extra coverage. My skin is behaving well these days so I'm reaching out for this product almost on a daily basis. I only top it off with some powder and I'm good to go during the day.
Overall, The Body Shop TEA TREE Flawless BB Cream is a nice product to try if your skin is normal-dry and fairly clean. It is a very lightweight product and is perfect for everyday wear in my opinion. The price is a little on the higher side if you compare with other BB Creams in the market but I don't have complains about that because I actually love the texture and feel of this on the skin. Even on it's own, although it may look greasy superficially, it DOES NOT feel heavy at all and infact probably the most comfortable wearing makeup product I've used in the recent times and my everyday skin cover for the past 10 days or so.
I recommend !!

With only the BB Cream , notice the shine on my face

With the BB Cream, topped with only some translucent powder

The Body Shop TEA TREE Cool & Creamy Wash is another star product from the Tea Tree Range. The Face wash claims to work on blemishes while removing impurities.

The Face wash comes in a 100 ml squeeze tube with a flip top cap that closes securely. The packaging is simple and fuss free, to use and travel with.

This Face Wash is a creamy wash that does not lather up too much, unless you use warm water, but it spreads easily and cleans the face very effectively.

As a beauty blogger we get to try so many different kinds of skincare products all the time but this Face Wash is THE BEST I have used in years. I usually take a small amount on a Facial sponge and gently rub across the face for a minute and then rinse off with cold water. 

My skin feels cool and refreshed and feels soft and supple and the cool sensation stays for atleast 15-20 minutes post wash. The superficial impurities, and all dirt and grime are very efficiently removed. The Face Wash is not drying at all, and even if you choose to skip a moisturizer afterwards (which you ideally should not!!), your skin wouldn't feel dry or stretchy.

I don't know how much it would work on blemishes since I do not have too many right now, but over a period of the past 2 weeks , my skin does feel more clear and bright. 

The light Tea Tree Oil scent is quite appealing to my senses and it stays on for 5-10 minutes post wash too.

I love this cleanser a lot and totally recommend it, especially if your skin is blemished!!

*The products featured in this post are Press Samples


  1. i really liked the way it your face look looking so fresh :)

    1. OMG!! You do?? I can't stand that amount of shin eon my face, so I have to add some powder :D

  2. the price and no spf actually seem to be putting me off this one Agni... but otherwise a good review... loved the bokeh shot...

    1. well , on the other hand Tarry, I prefer my foundations and BB creams to be free of SPF simply because they look ghastly in photos ..hehe... Thank you waise :D


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