October 30, 2014

Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel #Cherry Red

Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamel , (Rs 89/ 5 ml), available through Avon representatives
Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamels comes in tiny 5 ml bottles and have pink caps. The bottles look cute and I like the fact that they are small so it is easy to finish them up. The brush is small so you need never swipes to cover the complete nail bed. Also sometimes the bristles are frayed and that results in some messiness especially when trying to reach corners of the nail bed.

The consistency varies across shades, and most of the darker shades go opaque in 2 coats. Cherry Red is a gorgeous shade of bright tomato red with a hint of Orange. It is indeed a great shade for girls who love to flaunt Red nails. It is bright,sexy and suave and is an evergreen shade irrespective of what season it is.

There is no streakiness in the formula and the creamy enamel applied without any bubbling or pooling on the sides. The finish is somewhere between gloss and satin. If you want a more glossy finish, you must add a top coat which would also help the enamel to last better. The enamel dries fairly fast and there is not much waiting time between subsequent coats.

The Nail Enamel wears well for 3 days without chipping and therefore goes into my "Best Budget Nail Polishes" category.

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