October 12, 2014

Nail Enamels from NewU, for some gorgeously painted nails on you!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Most of you would know by now, that I'm a big nail polish addict, and love to hoard on Nail colors. About a year or so back, I had started trying and testing Nail polishes from NewU which is a Dabur Enterprise . Over a period of time, I have seen the brand innovate with colors and packaging and very recently, they revamped the entire Nail Polish collection and the team at NewU was generous enough to share with me some of their newly launched shades about which I will be talking in this post.

The NewU Nail Colors are now available in 71 show stopping colors and in the following four categories:
  • PARTY POPPERS - 19 shades
  • EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY - 24 shades
  • GLITTERATI - 15 shades
The category names are self suggestive and it won't be hard to guess what kind of colors would be there in each category. While Party Poppers is a fun range comprising of Bold and Vibrant shades, including some Neons, Everyday Chemistry has a beautiful range of pretty pastels, and very neutral shades that are perfect for wearing in a more formal setup.

The Glitterati range has a variety of Glitter Nail Polishes in various color combinations. The Mirror Metallic Range has metallic finish Nail Polishes and both the Glitterati and Mirror Metallic categories are perfect for the coming festive season. 

The Range has everything that you need for your nails whether you're at work, or at a party, or just having fun.

I would try to review these Nail Polishes in sets of two.

Keep watching this space for more!!!

P.S.: Products featured in this post are Press Samples


  1. Loved the colors and the orange one. :)

    1. These are truly awesome Niesha..I have never actually tried a proper Orange Nail Color so excited to paint my nails with these :)


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