October 14, 2014

REVLON COLORSTAY Moisture Stain # Barcelona Nights

REVLON COLORSTAY Moisture Stain, (Rs 675 / 8 ml), available across Revlon Counters in leading department stores

Product Description:

Drenches lips in glossy wet color
• Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe
• 88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness

I always look forward to new launches from Revlon, especially in the lip products category. One specific launch that I was really looking forward to was the Moisture Stains under the Colorstay label. Ever since these were launched in the US , I was really craving to get a few of these in my hands, and also contemplating getting these from a friend coming back from overseas. Thankfully, Revlon launched these in the Indian market just about a week back and I got one to try before I could indulge in any more. I am really disappointed because out of the 12 shades available in US and other countries, only 6 were launched in India. Especially the one color that I was eyeing called New York Scene was absent :(

I missed seeing a good red and a nice neutral brown. I got the shade Barcelona Nights to try and here's my review on the same.

The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain comes in a cuboid packaging with color coded bottom parts. The cap is black and it has a beautiful doe foot applicator with a pointed tip and a pool-like centre which holds the product when you pull out the wand. Excess product is wiped off at the mouth of the tube.

The shade Barcelona Nights is a creamy vivid Hot Pink shade. This is the kind of shade that looks great on warm Indian Skin. This particular shade is sans any shimmer.

The color intensity is extremely good for a lipgloss/lipstain hybrid. The formula delivers intense and opaque color in two layers. The product feels cool on the lips when you apply. The texture is like that of a wet gel. The finish is astounding, you get glossy wet lips with rich color that stays like that for a few hours without eating or drinking. I get a wear time of about 3-4 hours with the glossy shine. Any eating/drinking will take away the product off the lips in a very patchy and unpleasant way and a touch up becomes necessary. At the end of wear time, I get a soft pink stain on the lips which again is not too hard to take away (unlike the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains!!). This one doesn't feather or bleed so you may skip a lip liner with these lipstains.

Also, even after the color wore off, my lips still felt soft and plump, like they were loaded with lots of moisture.

The one problem that I faced was getting evenly distributed color on the lips. If you look closely, the formula seems to settle down in the fine lip lines and tends to become gloopy as time passes by.
Overall, The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain In Barcelona Nights is a well pigmented lip gloss+stain hybrid that delivers hi-shine glossy effect with the added benefit of moisture for your lips. I loved the cool feel of the product on the lips, however, it doesn't wear too well and the staining part isn't as good as some previous launches in the lip stain category by Revlon. Looking at the price point in which it was launched, I would rather say it was a disappointment for me. I am not sure if it's the same with all the other shades, but Barcelona Nights failed to impress me.

This is a comparative swatch with popular hot pink lip colors, Barcelona Nights looks a lot like a creamier,glossier version of MAC's Red Balloon 


  1. Its more of a gloss than a stain.. Thn y name it stain ?? Anyways looking good on u .

    1. Thanks Nidsy...I guess adding a "stain" in the name makes the product sound more attractive :/

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rashmi..the pictures look so pale though...I should have worn some foundation and highlighter ..Lazy me :(

  3. Its a gorgeous shade! I guess i will pick it up.

    1. It sure is a pretty shade Rajalakshmi..do check out :)

  4. beautiful shades, I like glosses without shimmer. Also liner shade is pretty

    1. Thanks Shikha..The liner is Lazer Green from the new Hyperglossy Electrics Range by Maybelline..Reviewed here

  5. What a lovely shade, you rocking this shade Agni :)


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