October 16, 2014

Wella Professionals OIL REFLECTIONS Smoothening Treatment: Review

Wella Professionals OIL REFLECTIONS Smoothening Treatment (Rs 850/ 100 ml)
Hi Everyone,

A few weeks back I attended an event conducted by +Wella India which was about caring for your colored hair. As we all know, managing your hair after getting them colored and that along with many misconceptions about hair color, inhibits women and men across India to try hair colors and add a fun element to their personalities. During the event, India's renowned hair expert Sapna Bhawnani shared with the bloggers her stories about hair colors and tips on how to care for colored hair.

Post the event, the Bloggers were provided with samples of the Wella Oil Reflections Smoothening Treatment which claims to provide shine and luscious lightweight suppleness to hair without the greasy oil feeling, leaving it fragrantly beautiful all day long.

During the course of the event itself, I got to try the product and as I walked past the aisle of chairs, I was complimented with girls telling me that the fragrance of the product lingered through the places I walked by. So that was the first hand experience of the product for me, and I just couldn't stop sniffing up my hair for a long while after that.

The Oil comes in a transparent glass bottle with a pump dispenser and a cap. I honestly don't prefer oils in glass bottles because obviously they tend to become slippery after a while. It would have been better if the bottle was just plastic, but then , I think glass bottles are a much safer choice when it comes to preserving the formulas of contents inside. Anyway, the point is this is definitely a not very travel friendly packaging for an Oil.

The product itself is a slightly runny, lightweight oil which when you rub between your palms feels very smooth and slippery (read Silicones in the ingredients!), and only two-three pumps are sufficient for my medium length hair. You are supposed to not apply this oil on the scalp but only work from the mid length of your hair till the tips.

I have been using this oil quite frequently in the past few weeks and I think this would make a great hair product for women who have dry and rough hair which lacks lustre. The formula gets distributed easily and it imparts shine and softness without any sticky feeling. It has also got a beautiful fragrance to it which stays for about 3-4 hours. The effect stays for a day or two, depending upon how much dust and pollution your hair is subjected to. That being said, this can not replace your dedicated routine haircare products for deep conditioning.

The oil delivers on all that it promises, providing shine, lightweight suppleness to hair, especially if you've had your hair colored and can't use regular hair care oils to treat the dryness. 

It is an excellent hair product for colored hair, though availability can be a drawback.
I recommend!!

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