December 30, 2014

My latest Muse : The Studded and Spiked Backpack from Paprika

Paprika, Spiked Backpack
Ah!!!Well, I know I’m very late in joining the league of the spike obsessed ladies, however, like I always say, It’s Better to be Late than Never. So ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you my latest find, a bag that has me enchanted and bemused me by the sheer sexiness of its design :
 The Paprika Mustard Yellow Spiked Backpack.

This is available for Rs 2499 at Lifestyle Stores and also online.

I have been looking for an everyday handbag for quite a while now, however, no matter how many stores I visited (online and otherwise), I never seemed to find a piece that would fit my bill. I wanted my bag to be stylish, sexy, and spacious enough to hold my camera (Ah! the cons of being a blogger, you want to take your camera everywhere!!)

A few weekends back, with almost no hope in my heart , I was browsing through the bags section at Lifestyle when I spotted the black version of this backpack.. I would have squealed at the moment, however, better sense prevailed and I casually picked it up and checked out the reflection in a nearby mirror. At that point, no force in the world could've stopped me from buying that bag until hubby pointed out that there was another one that looked even better (and I thought black has already been done to death so…..anyway…). And that is how I was united with the sexy one…

This is the first time I’m trying a bag from this brand and I am yet to check the durability of the material. However, I like the fact that the bag is spacious, the zippers are of good quality and that it is a backpack-handbag so it’s super easy to carry around….

The backpack has a well crafted combination of studs and spikes and the spikes are smooth and well embedded so they never hurt you. The golden of the studs and spikes contrasts well against the camel color of the bag and make it look much more stunning in reality than it is in pictures.

I also happened to carry it to my recent Mumbai trip and I could carry my world around in this backpack so the love kind of grew.. 

If you like spikey things, you might want to check out this brand sometime..

Until next time..

Paprika, Spiked Backpack


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    This backpack is so cool and trendy! Loving it!!

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    Lu |

    1. You're welcome Lubka.. Checking out your blog too :)

  2. Trendy backpack, awesome pick ^_^ :)

  3. Ooh... Great pick! Totally diggin it..!!


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