December 13, 2014


Hi Everyone!!

Hope you all are doing great. The weather over here in the Northern part of India has suddenly turned a bit too chilly. Over the past few days, there was a lot of speculation about why it wasn't as cold yet,as it should be in the month of December. I think the weather Gods just overheard the conversation and now it is just too cold…

Anyway, weather news apart, there’s an important update about my life that I wanted to share with you all. After a gap of about 7 years since my last job, 5 years from my post graduation (that also includes 5 years as a stay at home mum), I have now managed to find a job and a workplace that is as per my preference. What this also means is that after spending a whole day at work and coming back home to a truckload of other responsibilities, I will not have as much time to blog as I had before (or at least for the time being until I learn how to manage all of it together!!! )

The biggest hit would be to the FOTD posts since those used to take up a whole day starting from Idea conception to implementation and then editing and writing. Plus, I like to do FOTDs in broad daylight and I think that will only happen under the rarest of rare situations.

The blog has kept me motivated and alive (metaphorically, of course!!) for all of these years in between and I can’t write or express in words how emotional I feel every time that I think of having to let go ,even if temporarily, and that my little diary where I jotted down all of my makeup ideas wouldn't go around with me as much as much as it used to…The thoughts, feelings are just overwhelming… No matter what I am doing at anytime of the day, its mostly the blog that I’m truly thinking about ….

But it’s my promise, to myself and to all of you, I will not let this baby go away so easily..I will do all that it takes to keep my blog alive..I will walk that extra mile, I will make that extra ounce of effort….especially when I've got so much love from all of you..It will be a just so wrong if I didn't…. 

The posts will not stop, albeit they will be a little erratic and irregular until I settle down and get things moving in order, right now all of it is going through a major upheaval..

With loads of love and a promise to be back soon :)


  1. Don't be sad Agni, we know you will manage everything very well. We have that connection with your blog that even if you don't write for sometime or write occasionally we will stick to you. Enjoy your time at work and I am sure you will soon be back. Loads ofg good luck and best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words of support Kanika...They mean so much to me

  2. I am sure you will do just well...It may take some time to settle down but you will manage ultimately all of it....All the best & take care dear :)


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