January 28, 2015

BBlunt BACK TO LIFE Dry Shampoo : Review

BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo (Rs 550/125 ml)

My biggest fear always has been to walk out of the house on a busy day with oily and sticky hair. I hear alarm bells ringing every morning when I have to rush out of the house and have barely had 15 minutes to take a shower and get ready! While doing some amount of makeup is almost like a caffeine kick to my system, my hair is perhaps the most neglected aspect of my dressing up for work. 

More so since I have almost long and straight hair, so besides a basic updo, there isn’t much that I ever do with my hair. I mostly never have enough time for the whole wash-condition-blow dry-style routine..  BUT, there are days when I wish to PLAY… And to my shock and horror, I realize that I barely have any time left to make my mane look neat and presentable if I wish to let them loose…. Those were the days I walked in trepidation….

Not any more….

A quick visit to my nearby NewU to check out new launches in the market ended up with my rendezvous with the silvery bottle of life saving elixir and there has been no looking back ever since. Oh yes, and it does have a name too! The BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo!

Some quick sprays on to the hair roots, a short massage and a swift brush through would give you gorgeous glorious hair in a matter of few minutes. Not only is the bottle easy to carry around (I have had days when I’ve carried it around in my handbag on some Friday evenings <wink! wink!>) , but also it is super easy to use. The best part is there is no residual leftover from the product even on the next day!

The BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo! cleans your hair in a jiffy and although it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the packaging, but I’ve felt that it sort of adds some volume to my limp hair too.I have used it for two days in continuation without any queasy feeling on my scalp..

The BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo! gets a big thumbs up from my side because it totally does what it claims and adds the Volume bonus to my limp hair. Moreover, if you feel the 125 ml bottle is too large for your handbag, there is a smaller spray can too…

Still need an excuse ? I’m sorry, but there is no reason why you should skip it.. Go get it!

Highly recommended, especially to help you sail through the rough North Indian winters ;)


  1. Sounds impressive, would love to try it out. Great review honey <3

    1. Thanks Rakshanda..This is awesome stuff..Give it a try :)


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