January 3, 2015

The Body Shop Facial Brush : Review

Big things come in small packages, and this saying fits the tiny little Facial Brush from The Body Shop to the core. Little did I know, that my whimsical pick on a random shopping expedition would make me land up with one of the most useful accessory ever. The Body Shop Facial Brush (priced at Rs 265) is now one of my most favorite tools for cleansing the face at least three times a week. Packaged in a transparent plastic holder with a comfortable dome shaped clasp comes in really handy in effectively cleansing the face , of course with the help of a face wash. 

The first few times I used this brush, it felt a little too harsh, but a few days of regular usage and washing under warm water has really softened the bristles and they now feel more comfortable against my skin. That being said, the trick with using this facial brush is not to scrub it on your face for more that a minute, and much less when the brush is new.

I will quickly jot down my reasons for such extreme love for this brush

  1. It makes my face wash to lather up very easily because of the soft bristles
  2. Not only does it clean effectively, but also exfoliates and massages the epidermis.
  3. I get faster absorption of skincare products on the face, and therefore better results from skincare products as well.
  4. The brush would last really long because there is no fraying of bristles or for that matter no shedding too.
Overall, I am really happy that I chose to pick this one up and I love using this for three nights in a week. Compared to face sponges that I have used in the past, this one is more effective in the cleansing part and also lasts long. For the price that you get it, it is surely worth all your money!!


  1. TBS never disappoints u ever.. loved it..

  2. I wanted to buy this but was scared to try because i have super-sensitive skin..but seems like worth a try :)

  3. this looks really sophisticated and cute. i like TBS tools


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