April 1, 2015

BAREEVER Natural Hair Inhibitor : Review

Bareever Natural Hair Inhibitor , Rs 1100/80 g, available at amazon.in

Ladies and their problems, I tell you! 

Every month the usual trip to the salon to rid yourself of the unwanted hair on your body kind of puts me off just as I even think of it. So, when I was contacted by the team at Wet and Dry Personal Care to try out their natural hair growth inhibitor I was kind of intrigued by the concept and gave a go ahead to try out this product for them. It has been about 4 months now, and today I'm going to share my thoughts on this product to give you an idea of what this is about.

What BareEver does?

With an innovative formula , that is first of its kind in India, and made from an impressive list of ingredients like Natural Spring Water, Glycerin and Papaya, this product claims to work on hair follicle roots and inhibits hair growth at desired areas.

How to use?

Apply on areas after your regular hair removal schedule, twice a day for five days

My Experience:

My regular hair removal technique is through waxing. The hair on my body grow at a rate which is like fastest after a fresh session of hair removal , and after a week the growth slows down. 

After having used BareEver once, like one waxing session followed by applying BareEver for 3 consecutive days, I noticed that my hair growth actually slowed down. For some reason, I never got to use BareEver after that one time, however, I'd still maintain that my hair growth has substantially slowed down and the re-growth is finer than what it has been before.

The product comes in a pump type packaging which is super easy to use. The product is like a thick lotion and it was hard to pump out in the cold winter months when I used it. It takes a bit of effort to apply and spread it on to the skin. Not to mention the scent which I kind of find unpleasant, and there is some kind of Oily residue once it is absorbed in the skin.

That being said, I think BareEver is a nice and innovative product to try and I might give this one another shot in a few weeks. Its just the scent that puts me off, but since this does what it claims, I think it surely needs another chance. I will update you guys after my next trial.

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*Products featured in this post are PR samples

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