May 8, 2015

Events and experiential By #VLCCWellness

Events: #VLCCWellness
Hi everyone,
On the 1st of May, the team at #VLCCWellness invited a few bloggers for a small chit-chat focusing around beauty and makeup, tips and treatments and other such beauty related stuff at the VLCC Day spa, in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Honestly, as I entered the premises of the Spa I felt a wave of calming energies wash over me. It was like I entered an entirely different world, cut away from the hustle bustle of the world right outside the gates. The first thing that you notice as soon as you enter is this lined up Nail Bar where women were getting their nails done. We later got to know that the Nail Bar in particular is like a hotspot of the kinds at that particular centre and in the words of Jasmeet, the centre Manager, the services they offered were the best in all of South Delhi. One look at her nails and I was sold. She had these beautiful acrylic nails on her with a subtle glitter nail art. If you ever are thinking of getting your nails done, I recommend you do check out VLCC Day Spa in Priya Complex. Jasmeet was sweet enough to take queries from all the bloggers present over there and I’m glad I got my queries about nails in particular being answered by the beauty expert herself.  For a person like me who likes to change her nail color often, I was way too glad to know that Acrylic Nails aren’t even as hard to maintain as I thought they would be. In fact they are quite low on maintenance, except that you need to get them refilled once in every three weeks which is quite okay in my opinion and pretty much manageable.
Friendly bantering abd beauty discussions with the #VLCCWellness Team

Further discussions with the team at VLCC were mostly about skin concerns, pigmentations, and their corresponding treatments, many of which are offered at VLCC Day Spa.

The Bloggers were also shown an actual demonstration how a particular service called “Spa Cleanup” is carried out. Now, here I would like to mention that this particular service was the same that was offered to bloggers at various centers across the city to experience. This one is basically a clean-up or you may say a quick facial since its typically a 30 minute service which includes cleansing, exfoliating, removing black/white heads ,massage and a face pack at the end, all using VLCC products.
*The Spa Cleanup costs Rs 1000/- at VLCC Centers and is a good service to avail if you are in a rush and want a quick superficial face cleanup.
Demonstrations at #VLCCWellness Day Spa, Vasant Vihar
We were shown around the place and seriously, just the ambience of the place has a tranquilizing effect on your senses, calming and relaxed and if you couple it up with a nice spa session, I’m sure it can be quite relaxing to take off all the piled on stress from months of hard work.

The last part of the session was a demonstration of a pedicure treatment using salts and other products, again from VLCC’s in house line of products.

Overall, if was a relaxed afternoon with a bit of information exchange and lots of savory snacks and candid interactions. I would love to go back to the centre some day for more.

*Experiential service provided by the brand.

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