May 22, 2015

#Za True White Exfoliating Clay : Review

Za True White Exfoliating Clay , Rs 399 for 100g

One day while strolling about in NewU (oh yes! we bloggers do that in search of something new), I saw this exfoliating Clay by Za in the True White range. My previous exfoliator was finishing up and I decided to give this one a try. I have to mention that the SA wasn't really well informed, or maybe she acted too smart and since I did not have much information about this particular product, I was sold off to her stating that this was a clay mask that needs to be applied on the face and let dry and then rinse off with circulatory motions on the face that will help the exfoliating particles to work on the face. Unbelievable!!!!  either she made it up all or she really didn't know.. 
Anyway, I ended up coming back home with a tube!

The Za True White Exfoliating Clay is supposed to be a whitening clay based exfoliater, and I still cant figure out why the Za site mentions it as a mask when the usage directions nowhere mention keeping the product on the face like a mask. 

The Za True White Exfoliating Clay comes in a plastic white tube with a flip top cap and is simple and fuss free to use.

The texture of the product is like that of a thick cream with fine exfoliating particles, like grains of salt, and the particles are fine enough to not hurt your skin through the exfoliating action. It works well on removing the dead skin layer and fine whiteheads and blackheads. At the end of a srubbing session, skin looks cleaner and smoother to touch. However, after a scrub, one needs to top off the face with some moisturiser. I have normal skin nowadays and skipping a moisturizer after a face wash tends to make my skin dry and stretchy so in my case a moisturizer becomes a must after an exfoliating session. 

Overall, the Za True White Exfoliating Clay is a nice scrub that can be used up to three times a week as recommended by Za India website. The clay based exfoliator is fine and not at all harsh on the skin, and removes dead cells to reveal smooth glowy skin after every use and is non-allergic to the tender facial skin. 

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