June 26, 2015

Innisfree Eco Nail remover: Review

Innisfree Eco Nail Remover , Rs 200 / 100ml, available across Innisfree stores in NCR
Hi everyone,

I've been on a major Innisfree hauling spree ever since their store opened next to my workplace, here in Gurgaon. I have been an Innisfree Nail Polish fan for quite a while now, and while picking up nail colors in my last haul, I decided to pick up this Nail Polish Remover as well and here's my review on it.(I don't know why they call it NAIL REMOVER! ) 

The Innisfree eco nail remover comes in a gigantic 100 ml bottle, something that I haven't encountered much in my makeup life. Looking at the price tag, I think it was well worth a try because most drugstore brands make nail polish remover far more expensive than this. The bottle has a unique "press down to open" kind of cap, akin to many medicine bottles and that makes the stuff inside all the more secure.

The nail polish remover has a mild citrus-y scent, and not strongly alcoholic and that's such a relief for my senses. Infact, I actually like the scent of this quite a bit. 

The nail polish remover works very well to remove all kinds of nail polishes and doesn't leave dry white patches on my nails and cuticles. I am also impressed by how well this works to take off Glitter nail polishes. The quantity of this remover required during each polish removing session is also quite less and it doesn't evaporate as fast so that gives you more time to work on removing stubborn polishes.

I am already planning to buy a backup of this nail polish remover since I absolutely love every thing about it. It is a product that nail polish lovers are going to adore and if you're like me and change polishes every third day, you might as well want to give this a try. I bet you will never go back to your old nail polish remover.

Totally recommended!

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