June 20, 2015


Hey everyone,
The weekend is here and yet again this looks like it is going to be a super packed weekend for me with little or no time for relaxation. It has been so long that I’ve gone for a vacation and every inch of my body is craving for a nice spa chair amidst hills and floral valleys. I know the idea seems too far fetched, but for now I’m giving my brain a dose of stimulation by thinking about all the “good” things that I want to be surrounded with (apart from the holiday, of course!).
There have been a few things that have been on  my lust list for a very long time, and today I’m going to share them with you all (with an uncanny feeling that a few might just come true very soon!)

  1. Michael Kors Runway: A Rose Gold watch has been on mind for a good amount of time and while searching for good options in my budget, I came across this one and believe me you, I’m literally dreaming about it day and night. I badly want this one now, and hope I can add this to my collection before the end of the year.
  2. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow, Lust Red: I can’t really describe in words the beauty of this eye shadow. It’s rich, its smokey , it is intense and utterly gorgeous. Have a look and you will know what I’m talking about.
  3. Calvin Klein Eternity (for women): I once had a box of CK perfume sample box from a duty free store that had about 5 miniatures of CK perfumes for women. Two days after opening the box, I realized I had made a huge mistake by not buying a bigger size of eternity. This ethereal scent is a graceful combination of modern elegance and classic tradition. I do have a lot of perfumes to finish at the moment, but after my favorite day wear perfume i.e Burberry Weekend gets over, I am considering picking up Eternity for sure.
  4. Sleek Makeup Matte me in FANDANGO PURPLE: Bright clean and crisp, exactly the kind of purple that I love! Although many have claimed this to be a dupe of MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick, however, somehow, I think I am unable to resist the urge to try this color and formula. My next sleek order, whenever that happens would surely include this !
  5. A pair of solitaire diamond studs: Not being much of a shoes and bags kind of person, I prefer to put in my moolah into small everyday pieces instead of heavy gaudy stuff and something like this is what I want to own soon. I don’t have a particular brand in my mind right now, so would probably just explore and choose a basic and plain, but not boring looking, pair that I like. I like the options available at Caratlane.com though and the option of choosing the mounting and diamond separately gives a lot of flexibility, the only thing is I’m scared of purchasing jewelry online 
*P.S. : All images have been sourced from Google, if you own any of the above images, and wish me to take them down, please drop me a mail.

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