November 24, 2017

New Oval Brushes by


Today's post is a special one and for two major reasons. First, because I am doing a review after ages and second, because the products featured in this review are a new venture by a fellow blogger friend. If  you have been Indian Makeup Blogs regularly, I am sure you very well know Anamika Sureka Malik, the master brain behind the WiseShe group of blogs. She recently launched her own line of oval makeup brushes and when she asked me if I would like to try some of them, I immediately said yes.


Now Oval Brushes, a trend that was kick started by Artis Brushes, are all the rage these days and I can totally imagine why is it so. Not only such brushes look good, but they also make the job of blending makeup so much easier. Now lets quickly get on to the review of the two brushes that I was sent.



I was sent 2 brushes from the face brush line, one of which was a large brush and the other, a medium sized one. The brushes came in a beautiful box but I reckon these will be sold individually when they go up for sale. Also, as of now, I do not have any price information on these, but when I do, I will definitely update this post.


Now, coming to the brushes, the first thing that you can't help but notice is how soft these are and how densely packed are the bristles. Also, the neck of the brushes are flexible but not frail. How this helps the longevity of the brushes is that even if you apply a little extra pressure in trying to reach difficult corners of your face, you would still not break them. A good thing it is, isn't it?

I have also washed the brushes once, before using them for the first time (out of habit you see, I always wash new brushes no matter the brand!) and they didn't shed a bit.


Now, coming on to the actual thing, that is the performance of these brushes. Of the two, I used the larger brush for applying my foundation and tried applying the smaller one for cream blush. After a few years of being with the sponge, it was really a hard thing for me to get to apply a base makeup product with a brush but I really wasn't disappointed (although it did take a few trials to get there!). The good thing is they make application of your foundation a breeze. Like, it just takes a few strokes for the foundation to spread evenly on the face. But here's the trick. If at all you press the brush a bit too hard, it displaces the foundation from its place and you are left with streaky patches. I did it on my first attempt and alas, i failed miserably and had to start all over again. I was careful the second time and used light feathery strokes for application. I also thinned out the consistency of my foundation and hola! I got success. I also did observe that the brushes soaked up some of the product and that could also be the reason why I could not get a smooth application in the first time.

So, two things that you should keep in mind to get the maximum out of these brushes

  1. Don't apply too much pressure to spread your foundation. Also, choose a foundation that doesn't set too fast, leave yourself time to blend.

  2. Use a comparatively thinner foundation because the brushes do soak up a little product.

If you do the abovementioned things, you can really get a smooth flawless finish out of your brushes.


In the image below, i have used these two brushes to blend my foundation and you can see the flawless finish that i got as a result. I do believe that in order to get the best results in makeup, alongwith tools, a proper technique is also equally important. and in the end with the right technique, these brushes can help you paint masterstrokes on a canvas that is your face...



  1. These look really good..I have not used any oval brushes yet but would love to :) loved your makeup..

  2. Thanks Anubhuti. Yup, the brushes are nice but you need to use some tricks to get the max out of these.

  3. The finish is truly flawless. It looks amazing.


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