November 28, 2017

Of fall lips and sundowner eyes.....



I am not quite fond of winters you see..too many clothes to wear, too hard to move around in those heavy clothes and then, I become a big fat lazy bum...and I don't like that about myself..not at all...nope, not even the slightest bit..

But there is a brighter side to the story as well.. my two biggest motivators to sail me through the reason.. 1. You get really good, nice, fresh and crisp vegetables in the market and 2. your makeup doesn't melt and the biggest bonus being you can go out and wear all sorts of dark vampy shades and no one would bat an eyelid...

Anyway, coming to the topic, I am finally coming out of my hibernation period. Feeling a little inspired, a little more energetic and quite motivated to get back to blogging. And one fine day, a few days back, I did manage to sneak out a full 30 mins to myself (and that's quite an achievement !). So I dd a makeup look around a lipstick that I have been wearing a lot lately and of course loving it to bits despite a few drawbacks.

This lipstick from SUGAR COSMETICS is from their Plush Hour Matte Range and it is shade number 02, TEAKER BELL. Can I just say its the most gorgeous shade of Burgundy Brown that I have ever seen? Like really, this color is everything I ever wanted from a brown lipstick. To me this a chocolate and rum raisin mix kind of color, something that you can used in a variety of ways. You can underplay it in a nude daytime look or just glam it up with a sultry smokey eye. It has got the right amount of burgundy that balances out the dullness of brown and gives it an interesting twist..


But there's a downside too..Wear it for 3 days in a row and your lips will cry out in pain. Happened to me and then I was left nursing for my super chapped lips for a week..tsk tsk!!


Anyway, you can always find a way around this kind of situation..Its not really a big deal .

Also, the finish is gorgeous, quite matte and the lipstick stays for hours, except if you have  an oily meal in between. Retouching is an issue because you cant retouch without having to take off the entire lipstick and then apply. The lipstick did feel a little waxy while applying, probably not the smoothest one in your kitty, and did transfer around a bit. But it does feel ultra light post application.

To bring out the shade in its full glory, I decided to pair it up with a simple but glamorous eye. Probably the simplest makeup I have done in ages with just one eyeshadow crayon and one transition shade.

Here's the makeup breakdown:

1. Forest Essentials Light Day Madurai Jasmine and Mogra SPF25 Lotion
2. Faces Ultime Pro Primer
3. Mixed 3 foundations to get the desired shade and consistency - L'Oreal Mat Magique + Chambor Orosa + Faces Ultime Pro
4. Freedom Pro HD Banana Powder for brightening the under eye area
5. Inglot Freedom System Blush #30
6. Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highly Waisted
7. Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown
8. Color bar eyeshadow crayon in the shade Sundowner
9. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palette New Trals Vs Neutrals
10. Color bar eyeliner
11. Maybelline Falsies mascara
12. Sugar Cosmetics Plush Hour Matte in Teaker Bell

Hope you like the look and dont forget to check out the lipstick..Its adorbs!! <3




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  1. I totally loved the look..the lips..the eyes..the earrings.. everything on point!


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