March 18, 2019

REVIEW: DOT & KEY Head to Toe Dryness Repair Salve

DOT & KEY Head to Toe Dryness Repair Salve, INR 455 / 50 ml, available across all leading online beauty sites like Nykaa, Amazon, etc. It can also be purchased from


Argan Kernel Oil: Containing omega fatty acids, vitamin E and linoleic acids, Argania spinosa Oil nourishes and hydrates skin deeply. It is lightweight & non comedogenic, and leaves skin with a subtle sheen.

Shea Butter: An excellent moisturizer, its fat content is responsible for its emollient and humectant properties. It locks in the moisture and keeps skin hydrated for long. Helps soften skin on hands and feet, and preventing further chapping. A beautiful skin pampering ingredient.

Boric Acid & Vitamin E: The dry skin cream contains boric acid and vitamin E, which soothe dry itchy skin and eliminate roughness, leaving skin softer, smoother and supplier.

Ceramides: The naturally derived ceramide and milk lipids improve skin's barrier function and hydration levels. Ceramides are also particularly effective in treating eczema and other extreme dry skin conditions.

Geranium Oil: The anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties in geranium essential oil makes it a powerful skin care ingredient. It calms rashes and provides relief to skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.


Time and the elements can leave some parts of your body feeling extremely dry and rough. The ceramide-enriched goodness of Dot & Key Head to Toe Dryness Repair Salve offers intense daily nourishment to relieve dry itchiness and white patches. It works to heal dry, distressed skin on all parts of the body. The special formulation of this dry skin cream hydrates skin deeply and supports its moisture barrier with time-release moisture..


Dot & Key believes in giving the overlooked areas of our body as much importance and thus has come up with a range of products that address some uncommon areas of concern. One such product is the Head-to-Toe Dryness repair salve.

Being a mommy to two super naughty kids does come with its fair share of compromises. Time is always my enemy on any given day, at any given point in time and while I do make it a point to follow a regular skincare regime, there are often areas of our body that we tend to give less importance and in worst cases, completely ignore. And on top of that list I have my dry hands and feet. I hardly get to spend any time to care for my hand and feet and don’t have the patience for layering multiple products. So, in a situation like this, the Head to Toe Dryness repair Salve is a blessing for busy mums like these.

The Head to Toe Dryness Repair salve comes in a tube packaging with beautiful vintage style floral patterns on it. It is free of parabens and nasty chemicals and dermatologically tested. The product promises to moisturize as well as soothe dry and itchy skin. The impressive list of ingredients also promises to create a skin barrier to retain hydration and comfort certain skin conditions like eczema etc.

The best thing about this cream is that it can be used for any dry areas on the body. I use it on my hands, on my feet and elbows and knees as well. It has quickly become my bedside favorite, soon after its arrival and the dry patches and flaky skin on my hands have quickly made an exit after using this salve for 10 days in a row. And that it just smells divinely floral adds a feather to its cap.

I am in love with this product for its versatility and ease of use and would highly recommend you guys to give it a try. Its literally like hand cream, foot cream and body cream packed into one tube.

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