November 12, 2019

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a much raved retinol based facial oil and since I had neither tried the brand, nor any retinol based oil ever before, I decided to use my Sephora points to try a mini before taking the plunge. This is a good 5 ml size (the full size is 15ml and retails for ? 45) and I was just glad I could use my points for this.

Have been using this for more than a week now and here's what I feel about it.

The bottle feels nice and luxurious but it's glass so you got to be careful with this! It's a blue coloured oil and the ingredients list is pretty impressive, except the last two ingredients which are color dyes. Really? Why? And then the strong scent which is not really pleasant (and I have a strong dislike for scented skincare products). Thankfully the scent doesn't last long! Oh! And the warning that you can't use it during pregnancy. I wonder why ?

And now moving on to the good part. The oil is light, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It gets absorbed fast and you can really see the effects from next day onwards. Skin looks brighter for sure and definitely softer and more smooth to touch. I'm not exactly sure how it works on wrinkles because I don't yet have any but it doesn't do much for the pores. My pores stayed just as they were, before I started using the product.

My skin issues are basically pigmentation and acne marks and this oil didn't do much for it. For the same reason, I don't think I would go for the full size only for the brightening benefits. Plus, you can use this up super fast. A 5 ml size lasts only about two weeks as it's supposed to be the first step ?.

Final thoughts: Not something that I see myself buying in the near future.

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