February 26, 2020

Customised Skincare Box by SKINKRAFT - An honest review


Hi Guys!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@Love_Thy_Red) , you would know that I have been trying the SkinKraft customised skincare routine for the past few weeks and I wanted to share my experience of using the products with you all.

The wise people at SkinKraft believe that the "one-size-fits-all" philosophy does not quite hold true with skincare. What may work for your mom or sister or bestie, may not work for you, right? Also, your skin keeps changing with age, with changing weather, with hormones etc, and one skincare regime can not continue to give you great results over the years. And we must also remember that to achieve a healthy glowing skin, you just DO NOT need a 7-step or 8-step routine (I have tried it and honestly, that just does not work at all!!) . What you really need are 2-3 different products that are meant to work on your particular skin type. That's it!!

SkinKraft is India's First Customised Skincare Routine and their USP is suggesting products that are exactly suited to your particular skin. They have an extensive questionnaire on the website through which they try to analyse your current skin's characteristics and needs. The skin ID questionnaire provides insightful details to SkinKraft based upon which they understand your skin's needs and therefore recommend the ideal products suited to your skin. Post that what you do get is a customised 3-step skincare routine which is specifically meant to address your skin issues. The targeted products are clinically tested with proven ingredients to give your skin exactly what it needs.

Based upon my responses in the questionnaire, I was suggested the following products to address my skin issues which are basically blemishes and pigmentation, and a little bit of dryness due to ageing.


    • Soap-free, thus much gentler on skin

    • Balances the ph of your skin, protecting against external damage

    • Skin is left feeling soft, clean and supple

    • Cleanses without damaging the skin


    • Repairs and protects the damaged skin barrier

    • Perfect level of hydration for the skin

    • Enhances the skin’s moisture-retaining capacity

    • Restores skin’s normal functioning

  3. DARK SPOT CONTROL SERUM (De Pigmenting, With actives, for targeted application)

    • Controls skin darkening

    • Hydrates the skin

    • Fades Existing Dark Spots and Patches


My Experience of using the 3-Step regime customised by Skinkraft

Its been about 21 days that I have been using the customised skincare routine by SkinKraft. And i'd like to talk a little bit in detail about how the products worked for me, why/why not they worked for me et.

The first product is the SYNDET Facial Cleaner which is basically my morning cleanser that I use as first thing after waking up in the morning. I usually take one pump of the cleanser and work up a lather by rubbing it between my palms and then wash my face with it, or sometimes I use it with my Facial massager egg. The SYNDET Facial Cleanser is designed to deeply clean the skin without disturbing the pH balance. It is enriched with naturally derived moisture binding agent that restore moisture to the skin and it also nourishes the skin by preventing any further water loss from the skin. The humectants help replenish the skin's lost moisture content. After washing the face with the SYNDET Facial Cleanser, my skin feels squeaky clean and yet it doesn't make it feel  stretchy or dry. I really love this cleanser and it has become a very important product to kick start my morning skincare routine.

The next step in the routine is the BARRIER REPAIR MOISTURIZING GEL. This moisturising gel is supposed to repair and enhance the skin's barrier by offering Intense Hydration. The name on this product is a little misleading I think because I expected a gel but the texture is more like a cream. It is an intensely hydrating moisturiser that works on restoring the epidermal health by repairing the damaged skin barrier, restoring the hydration of the skin, preventing excessive water loss and by soothing dry and irritating skin. The moisturiser spreads easily and gets absorbed into the skin fast. It does indeed provide intense hydration and while I was suffering from dry and irritated skin until about 2 weeks back, this did work very well for me. However, with the weather turning warmer, and my skin also having passed through its dry phase, the cream nowadays feels a bit too heavy so I have discontinued using it. That being said I do think it did an excellent job during the dry winter months and it was perfectly suited to the skin condition I had mentioned in the questionnaire on the website so full marks to the way SkinKraft creates the customised box.

The third and final product in the skincare routine is the DARK SPOT CONTROL SERUM. This is an active which is specifically designed to address the dark spots and blemishes caused due to sun exposure and the aftermath of acne. This product works by controlling the production and transfer of melanin to the surface layers of the skin. The actives in the product are Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Dipalmitate (controls the production of Melanin) and Niacinamide (prevents excess melanin from reaching the surface). It also has a humectant that replenishes the skin's lost moisture content. Regular usage of the Dark SPOT CONTROL Serum has resulted in my acne spots getting lighter for sure. The spots that are old are definitely taking a longer than the new ones to fade. But its really surprising how fast the new ones have faded. No kidding there!! But here's the thing. I do feel that just on its own, the Dark Spot Control Serum may make the skin a bit dry so it must be used as the second step after washing the face, and after a couple of minutes, you apply the moisturiser. Also, I'd like to mention that I use the Dark Spot Control serum only at night.

If you plan to use the Dark Spot Control Serum during the day, please ensure that you top your skincare with a generous dose of sun protection. In that respect, I also think that the SkinKraft box felt a bit incomplete because if there is an active, there should be a sun protection.

Overall, I feel that the SkinKraft Customised Skincare Box is a great way to start off with a skincare routine that is specifically created to address your particular skin concerns. Over a period of last few weeks my skin feels more smooth, less bumpy and there is a brightness that I would like to associate with fading of sun spots and acne marks. It is an investment you must make to change the way your skin looks. Th only thing missing in the box is a good sunscreen to protect the skin from further skin damage due to sun exposure as the skin becomes extra sensitive due to regular use of actives. I am hopeful that with continued usage, in the days to come, I will get closer to my aim of having clear and bright skin!! 


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