October 2, 2020

DEYGA Pure, Handcrafted, Natural Beauty

DEYGA Beautifying Serum, Rs 730/ 30 ml

This beautifying Serum from DEYGA is a unique blend of oils that has the potency to target and heal many skin issues such as skin pigmentation, dark circles, dullness and fine lines and wrinkles. The main ingredients consist of Moringa Oil, Bitter Almond Oil, Baobab, Kukui Oil, Grapeseed Oil and khus khus.    

The Beautifying Serum comes in a glass bottle with dropper that makes it super easy to use. You only need about a drop or two for the entire face. The trick with this serum is that you are supposed to pat it on the face and not massage. For people with oily skin, I would recommend using this as a face mask for 20-30 minutes and wash off. Dry skin folks can keep it overnight a well. 

I had recently noticed some fine lines around the base of my neck, and on the décolleté area especially. I tried this oil on the mentioned areas for the last 10 days and my skin appears smoother and more plump in those places. The fine lines are less visible and there is a overall glow to the skin. I can say it definitely works on nourishing the deepest layers of skin to visibly improve the signs of ageing like fine lines or wrinkles. 

Also, since you need very little product at one go, this will last you a long time.                           

DEYGA Rose Deodorant, Rs 650/ 100 ml

First of all, I have to talk about the packaging of this deodorant. I am so happy to see brands doing eco-friendly packaging like the cardboard packaging of this Rose Deodorant. A big thumbs up to DEYGA for this!

Now let’s talk about the wonderful ingredients that this deodorant consists of like Rose essential oil, Kaolin Clay, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Extra Virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E Oil. I had never used a deodorant like this one before so naturally I was excited and sceptical at the same time. The deodorant is in the form of a stick that you have to push out little by little as you use it. From the very first time that I used this deo, I was literally blown away because of so many things which I’d list down as pointers.

  1. It smells heavenly. If you love the scent of roses, you’d absolutely love this one as well!

  2. The scents lasts really long, I’d say atleast 4-5 hours on a hot and humid day too.

  3. It doesn’t burn or sting like many other chemical deodorants.

  4. Because it consists of moisturizing elements like beeswax, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, it keeps your underarms moisturised as well.

  5. It is not an anti perspirant, so it doesn’t stop you from sweating. Instead, the Kaolin Clay helps in absorbing sweat and keeps you smelling fresh for long hours.                       

Points to keep in mind while using the deodorant is that you have to keep it in a cool and dry place so that it doesn’t melt. Also, be careful when pushing out the product because if extra comes out, you have to use the cap to push it back inside and that can be a bit messy. I’d say push only slightly every time because the scent is quite strong and potent and a little product goes a long way. 

DEYGA Beetroot Lip Balm , Rs 290/ 20 g

This lip balm comes in a cute tin box with a screw on lid. I really appreciate the fact that the packaging is tin and not plastic, and hence recyclable. A quick look at the ingredients list will tell you that it is loaded with great naturally moisturizing ingredients like  Beeswax, Beetroot extract, Shea Butter , Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil. All of these are 100% organic ingredients.

The lip balm is quite emollient and melts on contact with the warmth of skin or fingertips. The formula is creamy and it gets absorbed into the lips fast and settles down with a soft dewy shine which is so beautiful for a natural look. The balm may look a deep shade of pink in the tub, however on the lips, it’s a very soft shade of pink that’s hardly noticeable which is exactly the way I prefer my lip balms to be. 

It moisturizes and heals up dry and parched lips quite fast and I love to apply it atleast 5-10 minutes before applying lipstick so that my lipsticks apply more smoothly and evenly. 

You can also scoop out a little bit of this lip balm and mix with a few granules of sugar and make a quick lip scrub right before applying your favourite matte lipstick for a more even and smooth finish.

I only wish that it came in a stick form so that it would be easier and more hygienic to apply. Other than that aspect, I love the hydrating formula and would highly recommend this lip balm to anyone who suffers from dry lips.


A must have product in any beauty enthusiast’s vanity is a jar of good quality Aloe Vera Gel. Loe Vera Gel has moisturising and hydrating properties and is an instant lift me up product on a hot sunny day. It is healing as well as soothing and makes skin soft and supple instantly after application. 

You may apply it as a face mask and wipe it off after a while or keep it on overnight as well. Although a lot of people use Aloe Vera Gel for skin, my favourite way of using it is as a hair moisturiser mixed with coconut oil. It makes my hair shiny, nourished and soft.

Although, honestly speaking, Aloe Vera Gel is such a versatile product with so many various usages, you can use it the way you like it or the way it suits you. There is no wrong way to use this magic product in your beauty regime, be it skin or hair.     


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